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July 08, 2020



I didn't subscribe as I thought it was pricey, too. If I ever get caught up on my UFO's, I'd definitely consider subscribing to something because I think it would be fun to get something that's different than my usual taste in fabrics. These mini's you've shown are darling.


I did for 3 months and then thought it very pricey too so stopped. Loved the tins and still think the idea is a great one if they could have made it a bit more affordable. Anyway still love them☺️☺️☺️

Linda Enneking

i didn't subscribe, but managed to collect all twelve for $30-$35 each, on ebay or other places. I haven't made any of the projects yet because of other big projects. I did buy the extra fabric to complete the projects and now I am ready to get started. Maybe it's good I waited, my piecing is better now.


I remember those! They were a cute and novel idea. I didn't subscribe since the shipping cost to Canada made them really pricey.
Your little star blocks are cute!


I purchased nine of the twelve. Finished #3, Eliza's Indigo, #5 Petite Prints Deux by French General and #8 Bread n' Butter. I will finish them eventually......

Linda Kay Smith

I remember when they were available and I was very tempted but I thought they were way too pricey. They were a great idea; too bad they were priced out of my range.


How cute is that topper! I always covet those kits, but never buy them because I know I can produce it at a lot less $$.

Susan S

A quick check on Ebay shows many still available. The prices are all over the map. I like your topper!


I remember those adorable tins & projects, but never subscribed to the program. Hoping you can come up with the missing instructions! Stay well!


I loved Frivols! I managed to pick up a few on sale when I was south but I do agree they were pricey! I used my American Jane fabric to make Village ( free Moda pattern) and was quite pleased how it turned out! I think I have the instructions for the Fig Tree Frivol. Would you like a copy?

Mary Kastner

I have a couple of them. They look like yours 😂. Think I will dig them out and get going! Thanks for the reminder. Have a good day and be safe.


Dawn White

Nicole, #6 is the only one I bought. Would you like the directions that came with it? Let me know!

AnnieO in SoCalif

So cute, those little tins, but very expensive. Glad you found your missing tin!

I may have to get on the starch train....


lol @ FOUND IT! The story of my life...always looking for things. At least you found it. I usually don't find 'it' until weeks later when I'm looking for something else. ;p

Nah, I didn't buy any Frivols even though I did think it was a fab marketing idea.

Have a lovely day. The weather is perfect here today and I am going to enjoy it.


I also bought all the Frivols kits on Etsy and EBay for about $25 each. Not only was $45 too expensive for me, but for most you had to also add background fabric! I have worked my though five of them—funny you mentioned it because I just pulled out another one yesterday! They are fun to make and something different than I normally would pick. I am also looking forward to a Corey Yoder Christmas quilt subsription from the Fat Quater Shop starting this month.


I loved the idea of the Frivols, but not the price. Like others, I bought all the ones I have (5) on sale. Like so many things I buy, they have yet to be made.


Lol! I was just looking at those yesterday wondering what I was going to do with them. Now I guess I need to get cracking making them up!


Guilty here too, they are sitting on the shelf in sewing room, must start making them up.


I bought one and made the quilt on a retreat. There was a shop near me who had a fabulous year end sale and I bought it for half of the normal price. I was disappointed in that they gave you just enough even tells you in the instructions to "cut carefully". And boy were they right!!! It all worked out but was stressful.

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