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July 07, 2020


Claire S. Drake

Good Morning. Question for you. Why do you wash your fabric in starch and not just starch from a can? As always, I so enjoy your blog with my first cup of coffee in the morning. Enjoy your day.


I love that ruler too! It sure beats pulling off all that triangle paper.....

Debra Gutenson

It’s going to be a beautiful quilt. Red and cream is my favorite color combination. Can you describe your starch process? What starch do you use? Do you just saturate the fabric and let it dry, then iron? Thanks!

Audrey Grace Bretz

You explain things so well. I think I'll get that baby out today and play with it!


Sure wish I had used your method! I used three sheets of layer cake papers but just don’t like sewing through paper. Then switched to the magic eight method of making oversized units. I finished sewing the triangles but they are patiently waiting for me to trim them.

Pam O

I totally agree that using the Easy Angle ruler is the perfect way to make HSTs. I use it when I need to snowball corners. I flip the ruler and trim the other point flat.

Mary Kastner

I will have to dig around and find my ruler. I need to get back in the sewing room. Thanks for the great reminder!

Lesley Duncan

I have used the Easy Angle ruler but always trimmed to size. I will try the starch method the next time. Thanks Nicole.

Debbie R.

Beautiful fabrics! And what a joy to have perfect-size units. I learned about starch from you, and now swear by it, too. I never thought I could make perfect tiny blocks — but with starch, voila! It's one of my favourite quilting 'tools.' Thanks for the Easy Angle demo.


'You probably have an Easy Angle tossed in one of the drawers in your sewing room' made me laugh! A couple of days ago a friend asked me how I store my rulers...tossed in a drawer was my exact answer! Which is, sadly, why there are some duplicates in there! Stay well!

Anne Simonot

Just curious, what were the names of the podcasts?

T Holzer

Great post, Nicole! I've probably told you this before, but the Easy Angle was one of the first rulers I purchased along with the companion ruler and I've never once used them! I have a lady of the lake quilt kit collected and it'll be perfect for the EA.

Cathy McMann

A great tip for the triangles, I will try it when I get to my kit for this quilt. I use starch too but it is difficult to find around here so I started using undiluted laundry starch that comes in a gallon bottle (very inexpensive, about $6 for the bottle) and I put it in a trigger spray bottle with water, ratio 1 part starch to 4 parts water. You can dilute it less if you like really heavy starch.

sharon tucker

It's great to have a few tricks in your tool bag. This ruler is great when you only have strips!


Dang! That is awesome. The fabric is gorgeous. Ahren will be able to fly here but going home will be dicey. Ireland will probably require him to go into 14 day quarantine. :(

Amazingly, I don't own that ruler. How did that happen? I guess I better go buy it and try it out....

Robby H.

Somehow I tend to forget about the Easy Angle, but it does let one zip along on those triangles. I think the real secret of it's success is that you're sewing on a grain line instead of bias.

And another starching question. Sometimes my fabric has a crease or wrinkle from the store. Do you iron that out before starching or does thoroughly wetting the fabric and hanging it take care of that? I might have to try this method because your work is always so precise.


What happens when you get your quilt babk from the quilter.? Do you wash it before gifting it?


I do have one of those easy angles here. I don't remember using it in years. Thanks for the reminder.

Susan Quinn

I actually have that ruler and I came across it yesterday when I was looking for another ruler. Thanks to you mentioning it, I got it out and dusted it off and plan on using it in my next project!

Cheryl DeWitte

I made a queen size quilt for my daughter out of HST's, 3860, all cut using Easy Angle.

Faith Dukor-Chaplick

Full quarter inch or scant quarter inch? This is the problem I find with most of these rulers. FYI, I was cleaning out my ridiculous collection of rulers & just threw out the Easy Angle because I never used it. Luckily, the garbage bag is still in my sewing room!

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