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July 27, 2020



My gd just turned 10. She’s the light of my life. I always tell her she’s my favorite gd and she responds that she’s the ONLY gd. There’s a new baby on the way- my dil wants to know what will happen if it’s a girl.....Aren’t we lucky to have such special girls though I am thNkful that they are proposing a return to school this fall( rural NY)

Thanks for sharing. Love that tablerunner. Sunflowers are always lovely💕

Robby H.

I think Eva has the right idea about cooling off there! Have fun celebrating her birthday.

Debbie R.

Your table runner is great! Have a great birthday celebration week!


Happy birthday to Eva and to mom! I have that book and I will revisit it. Your runner turned out very nicely.


Happy 9th birthday, Eva! 🎂🎈🎁 A dip in that pool looks very refreshing! Have a great day! Stay well!

Mary Kastner

Happy Birthday Eva! Have a wonderful new year in your life.



um, I think filling up the the wading pool is a very good idea. ;p

Happy birthday to the lovely Eva.

Marylou Hansen

Happy birthday wishes to Eva. I remember how excited you were when she was born. I think being a Grandparent is sometimes much more fun then being a parent.


Birthday wishes to Eva and cooling off in the wading pool is a great idea....anything to beat the heat! Love your runner and very fall-ish or any time of year really...

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