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July 29, 2020



Love the mermaid. She's becoming a lovely young lady.
Don't get me started with the service from on-line quilt shops and waiting weeks for items that usually would be at my door within 3 days. On top of that, prescription delivery is sporadic. I like the price and convivence of mail service, but it has to be dependable, which lately it has not been. The new normal......


Cute mermaid! I've had the same problem with mail, with tracking info indicating it gets stuck in a location and just sits there. I mailed a package to my mom priority mail, supposed to travel from NJ to suburban Detroit in two days. But the tracking info indicated it sat in the Detroit sorting location for over two weeks, then the local post office aged it another few days before delivering it. Even Amazon seems to have given up on 2-day shipping.


Cute looking mermaid! She is growing up so quickly! How fun to get a bag of AG clothing and discover the treasures inside.
The mail is slower here in Canada too, but I suppose with safety due to the pandemic, there are fewer workers working in close quarters and a lot more online shopping to be processed.
Your zigzag block makes a cute filler block.


I thought I was the only one experiencing "delays". I have three orders (not all quilting related-in case my husband reads this) showing shipped but sitting at various locations. Grrr....

Stephani in N. TX

I experienced a one month wait on fabric to finish some quilts. I made myself a mental list of more local shops that are far to drive to but close for mailing purposes. I fed the whale that way, and supported local shops as well. OKC quilt shop had my fabric to DFW in days. So, I called around rather than just hitting my desk top and at least found that helpful. I am now looking for backing before I even complete the borders so it's not so frustrating to wait and maybe I can finish in time to coordinate better with my LAQ as well.
How fun to have your grand and dolls in the house. With mostly boys in the family, it's been ages since there were dolls and dolly carriages, and clothes. (I even knitted Barbie sweaters for my way-younger sister's Barbie.)I Love your mermaid.

Mary Kastner

LObe your block and the mermaid is adorable. Have a good day Nicole. I hope your package arrives.


Your beautiful mermaid is looking more & more like her mom every day! I've waited weeks for fabric I've ordered, had a correctly addressed birthday card returned after 2 weeks sitting who-knows-where, a pair of masks take ten days to finally be delivered & right now I'm waiting on a small package from a friend that was mailed when those masks were languishing in a bin somewhere! I'm chalking it up to these upside-down times we're experiencing! Stay well!

Arrowhead Gramma

It took 37 days from ordering a birthday gift for my granddaughter to get to me. Nine days from the order date to ship, then it sat at different UPS distribution centers, finally it went to USPS and sat another three days, then a couple more days to arrive at my post office. Was able to finally pick it up yesterday. Talk about frustrating. My local post office fellow told me that UPS and FedEx have trailers full of packages at their distribution centers that are just sitting as they are overwhelmed.


I sent you info on's another example of Trump and Republicans trying to destroy another one of our essential institutions. :(

Eva looks adorable as a glad you found a less crowded time to use the pool. H

Has your dad seen any improvement in his vision yet? Hope so.


Happy Birthday, Eva! What a pretty mermaid!
Oh yes, the mail. It has gone crazy. Tracking shows that my package zig-zagged across the country to the bay area and then 200 miles to my town where it was returned to SF and then to Burlingame --and now is on its way back north??? Must be short on help at the PO. And now, what about these unauthorized, un-ordered seeds from China?

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