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July 13, 2020


Teresa Justice

Looks great. I am not even sure what I have done with my blocks!!!!

Sue Slater

I love the way you finished it. The flying geese distracted from the blocks. Now I can't wait to see what you create from those flying geese.
Stay well


You definitely made the right choice! As for longarming, I never had a problem going through fusible appliques with an all over design, it shouldn't be a problem for your longarmer!

Linda Kay Smith

It turned out beautifully. I'm intrigued by the inner border with fabric scraps - interesting. I'm curious - are the scraps the same size or random lengths?

Sandy Carlson

Beautiful quilt - that center applique is a great idea and so fitting for KT fabrics. They always make me think of fall!

AnnieO in SoCalif

Love the finish! It would have driven you crazy to try to do all those geese. Can't wait to see all the quilting done. Big quilts are so expensive to quilt but nearly impossible to do yourself with any alacrity.


Absolutely gorgeous!


The scrappy inner border is such a creative idea! The flying geese are nice, but too much with the sampler blocks, in my opinion. The blocks need to be the 'stars of the show'! Have a good week! Stay well!

Mary Kastner

Wonderful job! That is a BIG finish for sure. It looks great.


Debbie R.

Beautiful!! And your simple border treatment is perfect. Congratulations on a stunning finish!

Jean Thut

What fusing do you use? I use Soft Fuse and you can’t even tell it’s there when you quilt it. Quilter’s Select by Alex Anderson is supposed to have a light one as well, although I haven’t used it. Beautiful quilt!!

Dusty Huxford

So beautiful. Glad you went to a simple border. The flying geese were distracting from all the lovely blocks. Congratulations on your finish.


O.M.G. It is gorgeous. Definitely needs professional quilting. It would absolutely kill you to try to do on your home machine.

Besides, by shipping it off it will really feel like a finish. ;p I have 2 to give to my quilter. It always feels good to hand it off.


very satisfying to have a long term project finished...looks wonderful


Your BlockHeads 1 is gorgeous! I am by no means a professional quilter but I do own and use a quilter. I didn't have any problems quilting an applique quilt. I certainly don't blame you for wanting to send this off. I quilted a 120"x120" on my Sweet Sixteen Handi Quilter and have decided anything larger than 60" would be sent out. I thought my arms were going to break off by the time I was done with it! I love my machine but I just can't wrestle all that weight.


Beautiful finish and must feel great to have this all put together. Really like your border and a very pleasant finish to this top. Great quilt and now just the binding left!


This came out gorgeous!How happy you must be to have it finished!

gloria friedrich

Absolutely gorgeous and you finished it! 5 Stars to you!

Jennifer in Indy

Great finish and I think the simple borders are a nice compliment for the quilt. The long arm shouldn’t have any trouble going over the appliqué. I’ve done a few on mine and the biggest challenge is not “lifting up” the edges when it is raw edge appliqué. Congratulations on your finish!

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