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July 24, 2020



What great fun and swear they keep us young....she is such a cute young lady and you are blessed to have her around...oh, and love your block!

Susan C Quinn

I can't believe how big Eva is getting! I've followed your blog for so long that I remember when she was born. She is truly a lovely young lady and I'm glad you get to spend time with her during this upside down world we find ourselves living in.

Stephani in N. TX

Sweet girl and sweet block.

Kerry L.

What a sweetie! She looks like you!

Mary Kastner

EVa did a great job modeling your new block which by the way is very pretty!


What a pretty block holder! I, too, remember when you first began caring for her. How quickly the years have passed. Thank you for all those years of faithful posting.

Donna B

I love a kid with personality. It makes for a happier adult.

Terri Karasch

Love the reds and your sweet granddaughter. Have only seen mine twice since the pandemic started 😢


Beautiful...both Eva and the block. Have a lovely weekend. Open a bottle of wine and tune out the world. That's what I plan to do. :P

Robby H.

That's a charming quilt block holder there. A little personality is better than a dis-embodied block floating out there. Enjoy your time together.


Eva is growing up right before our eyes! She makes a wonderful 'Vanna' for your pretty red block! Hope you enjoy a nice weekend! Stay well!


bonjour votre block est tres beau et la jeune fille a un tres beau sourire bonne continuation a vous deux.claudy


My heart just melted when I saw those photos of Eva. She’s a treasure. My husband and I had 2 of our grandsons visiting this weekend - a 2 yr old and his 5 yr old brother. I told my husband I wish I could keep them. Aren’t grandkids the greatest!?!

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