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July 17, 2020


Carol D Duffy

Wow! Yes, there is no more generous a group than quilting people-- I got my Frivols on eBay after the fact and I can vouch for the fact that #12 was both hard to find and one of my favorites.

Glad about your Dad. xox

Connie Morgan

Oh I bet your dad will love a Kindle. I've had one since they came out! I love to read, but hate the books piling up. Now I can have them all on one handy place and don't have to leave home to get more! I'm glad he got through his treatments ok!...and congrats on your Frivols 12!


You are a good daughter. Not only would I be engrossed in my sandals but I would have to have the garbage can very close by. Glad you both got through it okay.


Your Dad is a real trooper!

Beth F

I'm glad to hear your dad was able to get the treatment and hopefully he will be reading again soon. I have also suffered some retinal problems in both eyes as well as cataracts and can tell you the joy of an e-reader! I was really unable to comfortably read a book but with the large font and backlighting I am now able to read again. In fact, I am just finishing This Must Be the Place on your recommendation and have loved it. Thank you so much for your blog.


So happy to hear things went well with your dad and hopefully in the future for him. I have always said that quilters are the best and come thru at the most stressful times of life. Enjoy your new Frivols !


What great news about your dad and a Frivols too! That's like icing on the cake! Hope your dad continues to get better, it's so hard seeing their health decline especially when they're so used to being independent.

Mary Kastner

I am so happy to hear it went OK for your Dad and it is over. THat sounds really stressful for him and you as well. Can't wait to see your "new"frivols " made up! It looks cute. Have a nice weekend Nicole.


That's great news about your dad. So happy to hear the treatments went well. Hopefully he'll have continued success. If you take him next month, you should probably wear a different pair of sandals to study!! =:)


lol @ "found my sandals exceptionally engrossing". I am so glad he did well with the procedure. What a very long day.

Barbara Bennett

You might be interested in this website:

Glad to hear there are new treatments for your dad. It's great that he can read with a Kindle.

My dad lost his vision in his 70s when there was little treatment available. The only reading machines were the footprint of a sit down mid-arm quilting machine. He's 97 now and almost totally blind.


What tremendously good news about your father's condition... and his enthusiasm about a Kindle or iPad. Technology can be incredibly frustrating sometimes, but then you see how it can change the world for a person and realize those frustrations are small by comparison. I should also note that I would have also been rather engrossed in my sandals or the pin dots in the ceiling or, pretty much anything but the procedure. But you hung in there and got him on the road to enjoying much of life again. That is commendable.


The news about your father's appointment is very encouraging! And his enthusiasm about a Kindle or iPad is wonderful! Studying your sandals...I would have needed a nurse from passing out on the spot! You're a good daughter...but we knew that already! And, how kind of your reader to send the hard-to-find Frivols! That's definitely a generous act of kindness! Stay well!

Anne Simonot

How wonderful that your dad might be able read again! Libraries have great selections of ebook sometimes, I’m noticing especially since Covid the variety is amazing. So, free books! Technology can be amazing.


I am so relieved that your father was able to get treatment and hope that he responds really, really well. I love the idea of giving him a Kindle. I hope he enjoys it! Please take care of yourself, too!

Lesley Duncan

I am so glad your dad's treatment has started. Sincere best wishes for his continued improvement.

Pam O

Medicine and technology...a wonderful combination.

Stephani in N. TX

These days we are finding so much disappointment in medicine and its delivery because so much is unknown and disconnected. So happy you and your Dad have had a revelation and life can go on albeit with a new normal. This must have been such so exciting (once the shots are over.) Sorry for the grim reality of the shots, but most patients say they are not the big deal I ever thought. The Frivols has found its home. I know you will use it well and its giver is a star.


I am so glad your dad is being treated and did well. My dad went through the shots too. I am so grateful that the wet MD has a cure. Every older person should get their eyes checked often and use an Amsler grid. (downloadable). I am amazed that there is so little that people know about ARMD. Until it hits close to home we just kind of don't hear about it. Big hugs to your dad and you. Oh, the Frivols. Wonderful. People are good and fabric is fun.

Alice R.

You don't know how much this post has meant to our family. My father-in-law was in one of the earliest trials to find any way to slow or improve wet macular degeneration. He went through a lot at that time, and it ended up making his vision much worse which could never be corrected. It's wonderful to know that his loss helped to make this future possible.

Lynda Korn

So glad to hear about your fathers treatment. I've 2 friends getting same treatment. They are an Opthomologist and his wife.

What is the name of the quilt under the frivols box. I like the design. I thought it would be easy. Thanks for writing this blog.

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