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July 01, 2020


Susan Quinn

I absolutely love your blocks! I think the layout you've chosen will display the blocks nicely, and like you said, it will give you a larger quilt in the end. I'm really intrigued now with Lori Holt's books. I'm going to have to check them out. Like soon!

Susan S

I have downloaded all the blocks; now I need the time to make this! I love your variety and setting idea.


I agree the red 'blossom' block is cute! It's sort of a pinwheel/not a pinwheel. Good for you finishing 42 blocks, too! I think it's fun to do different blocks instead of the same one over & over for a quilt. Yes, I'd like a refund on April, May & June plus the last half of March, please!

Cathy McMann

Your blocks look stunning on your design wall and I look forward to how you finish the top.


I love sampler quilts! I need to pull mine out. It is in solids from a Moda thingy I bought 4 yrs ago. I put it away bc I had to make some gifts.

I'm working on another house quilt(solids) to mark our time in quarantine. I have a feeling that Newsom is going to shut the Bay Area down again. Our numbers are exploding and people aren't following the rules.

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