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July 21, 2020



Sending good wishes for all the medical stuff. I haven't had a COVID test, but the counting down is such a smart move for something unpleasant. Take care!


Thinking of you and hoping all goes well.


Quilt is coming along and really like the smaller blocks. This is going to be very pretty and love the vertical setting. Good luck with the test results.


No matter the name, your quilt top is stunning! I've heard the COVID tests are interesting, but not a whole lot of fun. If you don't post tomorrow take care of yourself & we'll see you the next time! Stay well!


Your quilt is looking good! I always find sampler style quilts so interesting because of all the different blocks to "check out". And I do like that you've set them on point.
Hope your procedure goes well.

Susan S

I do like how this quilt looks! I may consider using this type layout myself....once I start the pattern! Good luck on the medical side.

Stephani in N. TX

Great quilt blocks and on the diagonal no less. You are good with details Nicole. I thought the overall colors looked fallish until you said it was a summer quilt. On enlarging the photo, it is indeed red, blue and cream, quite regal. Good luck with you medical plans. We've had some major hits in outer members of the family circle and it seems too much with Covid still hogging the picture, but life does go on. Learning to be more prayerful every day to keep balance. Hope yours all goes well. Keep well.

Diane Linford

Good luck with your medical procedure. My daughter recently had a baby and they tested her for Covid. She said it was such a miserable process she would have rather had another baby.

Debbie R.

Your Comfort and Blessings is looking great! Hope your medical procedure goes smoothly.

Mary Kastner

The new blocks look so perfect. Good job! Hope today goes well for you.



The quilt is so beautiful!
I'm looking forward to seeing it with the borders.
Hope your medical procedure goes smoothly.


The quilt is gorgeous! Our world has really changed, hasn't it? It will be interesting to see when I have to go in the fall for standard tests and exams. I am really worried about the flu season being added into the mix. :(

I am so glad you and your family are all safe and well.

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