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August 17, 2020


Debi Bacon

My guess is that all of those fires and the intense heat you are having is responsible for the thunderstorms. Heat makes clouds climb higher and the higher they go, the more unstable the air gets, with currents going up and down. The up and down motion in the clouds then leads to a thunderstorm. Welcome to every summer day in the Midwest. Although I have lived on the East Coast and now in the Southeast, I do miss my Kansas thunderstorms.
I would have woken up laughing!

Karen Likens

A week ago, Iowa experienced a derecho - a cat 3 land hurricane with sustained winds of 112 mph and gusts to 140. My city, Cedar Rapids/Marion took a direct hit. Iowa lost 10 million acres of corn and soybeans. The silos, empty and waiting for this coming harvest, were crushed so no place to put the coming crops. This unprecedented storm was devastating on so many levels. One thing we've learned is never ask what next because you'll find out. 2020, the year that keeps on giving.

grace thorne

this is going to be a nice the blocks....i have a stack of kaffe fassett fabrics and thinking this would be ideal for those...

Stephani in N. TX

Last night was warm weather storms for us as well near DFW. Lights flickered on and off and the TV was lost. My power did come on in about 10 minutes but my kiddos and a friend lost power for hours. The hail sent me away from the windows though sounding like rocks. The upshot, the norther we had with extreme winds changed our 105 degree day to a 70 degree night within hours and weather is crazy when that happens. This morning is sunny and cool, an odd duck for August but a break from the heat. We are all connected by our weather stories. Love your Carrie quilt.

T Holzer

Good morning, Nicole! I wanted to see what American Pie looked like as a whole quilt, so I did a quick google search and two of your earlier posts on it came up! It's going to be a wonderful quilt!

Mary Kastner

The blocks look great. Yes it was a wild weather weekend in the Bay Area. I was awake for a long time watching the weather. Looks like today has the potential for some weird weather too. I am beginning to think that asking for normal about anything is out of the question in 2020.


Deb E

We also experienced weird weather this past Sunday. I was up at 5:30 & took the dogs out. No breeze whatsoever, the air felt heavy. Went back in & I felt a pressure change when I was closing the door. Outside was 79, inside was 78. Took maybe 8 steps & heard a bang & crash, and returned to find our glass table on its side & the fully extended umbrella was 15 feet away & lodge up against our metal gate that is over 5' higher in elevation. Nothing broken! About 20 minutes later the lightning started, way off in the distance, but no thunder. Later we had 'spotty' rain - a tiny puddle here & there several feet apart but nothing in between. Weird!

Michele Klein

Oh what I’d do to hear a thunder storm. In the Phoenix area we’ve had 40 days over 110 this summer without our usual monsoon weather. We haven’t had rain in months. The heat makes for staying inside and sewing. Many people from back east ask what we do when it’s so hot. We reply “the same thing you do when it’s cold...stay inside and sew.” Have fun sewing up your stash!


Your American Pie quilt will be beautiful with those fabrics! Tricky pressing will keep you busy for awhile! That unexpected thunderstorm sounds like it caught everyone off-guard! The weather has been crazy in so many places! I read about the 'derecho' in Iowa, but had to look up a definition. Like I said; crazy! Stay well!

Debbie Martin

So love your post and your descriptions around you. Our weather has been the usual in the Midwest. Thanks for always putting a smile on my face❣️


I, too, live in the Bay Area. I don’t remember thunderstorms like that before. The 7 am thunder sounded like and explosion and woke us up! Loved the rain though..but didn’t do much to cool things off. Not looking forward to this week.

AnnieO in SoCalif

Remnants of tropical storm Alida? It passed by here on its way up the coast, we had a couple of weird bursts of rain and lightning. Very hot and sticky right now....

Love your ongoing CW project. Sometimes it is hard to get past the fun piecing to the layout and switcheroo part.


I just don't like reproduction fabrics until I see someone make a quilt with them and then I love them. What is wrong with me? No vision?

So glad you got to see you dad. That thunder and lightning storm was loud and of course it started some fires. :(

We are truly living in the end of times.


Love your blocks! It's always nice to use up stash, especially favorite fabrics. I'm in the East Bay and we had crazy thunderstorms, then rain, then extreme heat. It's been crazy here for sure!

suzanne simpson

hundreds you say and you need to iron them? I found myself sewing rectangles into pairs for a pattern called either stair steps or rail fence
depending on what you know it as. I found if I did 10 each time I ironed a "step' in a block I was doing,I could get about 50 ironed in a day without hand pain or just feeling fed up. I was in no hurry and still haven't sewn them up, but the light bulb was ironing a few at a time. Hopefully this helps a little bit


I have looked everywhere for this pattern, but can't find it. Can you tell me where to buy it?

Debra Statham

Exactly what size was the material you cut out for the pieces you used? Great way to use up scraps too!

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