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August 25, 2020



Very good new about your sister and the animals and sounds like your schooling is coming along for both of you ....good job!


That's wonderful news about your dad's second treatment & the animals coming home! I'm so sorry to read about your asthma, though. Our air quality in NW Wyoming is poor due to smoke from fires in the West, so I can imagine how bad it is being as close as you are. That's interesting about beaver lodge construction! You're learning right along with Eva! Stay well!

Marie Woodhouse

It has been record breaking hot temperatures in southern Ontario Canada, but as I read your post it puts it into perspective as we do not have any fires to contend with as they are up North or West in Canada. I really love to read your daily posts and you are an amazing lady! I am finding the maple leaf table runner most interesting, I like the idea of changing direction, you are correct about that decision. Keep on moving forward as you go along, this too shall pass. Great news in today's post.

Teresa Justice

My goodness, I pray the fires will not get any closer to you. I cant imagine how bad the smoke must be. I am in SC and they are even saying we may get some of the smoke from the Calif fires here. We had a major plant explosion nearby yesterday and I thought we would probably see smoke from there - but so far it is clear. Had some rain and they may have kept the smoke from moving. Take care and I pray you will all be safe

Lisa D.

Three years ago the smoke was so bad here from fires in Canada. I can only imagine your air quality with them being so close! Such great news about your dad! And Sara. I hope you all continue to stay safe.

Debbie R.

Wonderful news about your dad.
Sounds like you're going to get a very interesting education, right along with Eva!
Take care, be safe.


I am so happy to hear your dad update. I hope he is able to read again. Stay inside! The beavers sound like a fun lesson.


aw, his name is Henry! So glad for all the good news. ;p

Sara Fridley

Good news on your dad - and on the safety of your daughter and her animals. I would be so freaked out if there was fire within 50 miles! I'm really terrified of fire, even when it's under control.

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