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August 18, 2020


grace thorne

really like your color scheme with these blocks...


It's so nice that Eva has you to be so involved in her schooling. We're having unusual weather here in Michigan, with the temps at 80s daytime and down to 60s or even 50s at night. No dog days of August this year! I do sympathize with your 100 deg days though.

Linda townsend

Amen to looking to the blessings and praying for no fires.


And we will never forget 2020, will we? Here in Maryland, we have a break from 90 degree days and are enjoying summer weather without the need for AC most of the time. Our July was dreadful. Hopefully your temps will ease soon. And hopefully, this year will end someday. Take care.


It sounds like a nice variety of subjects for Eva to work on without stressing. Baking pumpkin bread got her math in for the day, too! I'm not sure I could sew in those temps, though! We won't soon forget this year of craziness, will we?

Mary Kastner

IT sounds like school is going well with a lot of help from you. MY two grands started yesterday. The oldest high school! Can you imagine starting high school this way! I am so over all this. Take care and carry on!



This heat is awful. I got a couple of rows sewn together of a house quilt I am trying to finish.

Yay for Eva being a trooper. I have to remind myself to breathe. You and Eva should incorporate 5 mins. of relaxation breathing into every hour of schooling. It really does help. ;p

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