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August 04, 2020



The movement and colors in that quilt are wonderful. I think I'd leave as is.


Well done! Sometimes simple designs have such impact. This could be great in tons of colors.


Very pretty and love the effect of the colors ...looks like they are moving around the center. Great quilt!


Maybe if you offset the additional border with a red flange . . .


I think it is perfect as it is. I don't know how you do it, but I am always impressed by the "crisp" look and perfection of your work, not to mention the speed at which you churn out your masterpieces. Now I am off to put the binding on a quilt I made for my great grand-daughter who made her debut to this pandemic stricken world yesterday.

T Holzer

So pretty, Nicole. What is the size of it as it is now? I'm scared that you'd somehow lose the look of your quilt so my vote would be to leave it as is. Have a good one!!


It is great as it is. Anything else would be a distraction from the center. But it needs to be bound in the red. I think that would solve the "is it finished?" question.

Stephani in N. TX

Just a thought, if the last border could be extended so it appeared wider, and then add the red binding. When I have added setting triangles, I occasionally purposefully add them oversized so the center of the quilt floats a bit (or a lot depending on the look I want). When the last round of the quilt appears larger than the inner consistent rounds, it feels more finished to me. A smack of red binding would finish it off. This is a subtle beauty and looks great.


Gorgeous. I missed out on the Cinnaberry quilt kit too, so I downloaded the pattern and used Rouenneries fabric line for my HSTs. You have inspired me to get this top completed! I really don’t think it needs a border, I love the idea of a red binding.

Debbie R.

Gorgeous! I agree with others that no border is needed, and that a red binding would make the perfect finishing touch.

Mary Kastner

It yes beautiful. Red binding to finish it off is my humble opinion. Great job.

Michele Klein

I vote for no border. I think it would ruin the illusion this quilt has. Red binding or do a facing type binding where it is wrapped to the back and you don't see any binding. Red and cream or white quilts are my favorite.


That is one really good looking quilt. Beautiful. I like the idea of no borders and a red binding. Fun to have finishes. Stay cool.


I think it's just right as it is, but a red binding would be a good frame. And congratulations to Carla HR & family on a happy arrival in these turbulent times! 🌸 Stay well!


Beautiful! I don’t think an additional border is necessary. Sometimes a quilt seems unfinished without an outer border, this one is perfect just as it is.


I say no border too. I just love how the creams/tans give the background such movement!


I'm with everyone border. It really is lovely. Maybe next year Ahren can sleep under it at Christmas. :)


Wow! Just gorgeous 😍 I think it's fine as is!


Leave it as is. Anything more would be a distraction to a beautiful quilt.


Absolutely beautiful - I love the subtle changes in the colours.

Sandy Carlson

I agree with the extended creams and a red binding would really finish it off nice! I missed the kits too, but downloaded the pattern. I have been saving some minick & Simpson reds, creams, and tans hoping that would give the same look. Beautiful quilt top!

Carol D Duffy

I honestly don't think it needs more, but that it wouldn't hurt it, either-- your choice. I love all the ghost shapes you can see dancing around. xoxo

lorraine bujnowski

I love your quilt. My eyes are moving all around the quilt viewing all the shades of color. I feel it is perfect just as it additional border!

suzanne simpson

greetings from Australia.
I'm thinking not add any border, do a red binding.
Still enjoying your blog , it's lovely " catching up " with you each day.
thanks you each time

Jennifer in Indy

What a wonderful quilt top!

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