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August 06, 2020


Pam O

Congratulations and blessings on your new venture. Hugs


I haven't in the past, but will be this year! Twin girls in 2nd grade. They (and their mom) have lived with us for two years. Mom has to teach, (1st grade) but the girls will stay home at least for a while. Lots of stress.... don't know what we will do if our daughter gets sick, but the alternative is to separate households now which is almost impossible. We all will hope for the best.

Mary Kastner

I hope this goes well for you Nicole. The whole thing is just unbelievable to me. I am so concerned about my granddaughters.


Do you have a space that could be a dedicated 'classroom'? That's something I've noticed homeschooling parents provide & it sounds as if they find a 'school space' important. I'm a retired elementary teacher & my heart goes out to teachers who must return in uncertain times. I know how up-close-and-personal a teacher must be with young learners & in my opinion it's just so unsafe right now. I salute all of you who are homeschooling! Stay well!

T Holzer

What a gift this will be for Sarah and Eva! Good on you, Nicole! How many great memories will you and Eva make together!!

Shirley H

Rachel at the Stirched In Color blog did a post you may find useful.


You are a wonderful grandmother to do this for Eva. I know there isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for her, so I’m not surprised you are taking on this responsibility. As a retired school teacher, my advice is to be prepared. Preparation takes a long time, even if the teacher is giving you the lessons. You will need to be sure you have all the materials and supplies you and Eva need. You will want to go over all the lessons before you teach them to familiarize yourself with the material. Try to find a location where you can work without distractions, and get a routine going. This may be a challenge, but I think you will find it very, very rewarding. Blessings to you and best wishes for great success. (I am teaching reading and math to my 5 yr old grandson, over FaceTime, and we’re both loving it). Oh, I just thought of one other thing. I begin and end each daily lesson with a story (I am borrowing LOTS of books from our library). Good luck!


Such a tough situation. I do believe it is in the best interest of your quaranteam to keep Eva away from large groups like a school.

It is all just so sad. It didn't have to be like this. :(

Be gentle with yourself. It isn't the end of the world if you and Eva aren't productive every day. Also, there are lots of youtube videos to help you both. Gentle hugs from me to you.

Ranch Wife

I do feel for the parents and grandparents that suddenly find themselves homeschooling. Take a deep breath. You CAN do this and may you find the blessings along the way. You'll have the teacher to guide you. We homeschooled our children, but we homeschooled in Texas and NM where there was really no regulation so we had the freedom to move ahead or slow down as needed. I think one of the best things you can do for a child is to read to them daily...even when they are reading on their own. Maybe give Eva her own special space and let her help you set it up. I love this subject and I could go on for days...but I won't. :) Just remember to enjoy the two will make wonderful new memories!


My twin grandchildren are students at a charter school that has switched to homeschooling as well. One of their favorite things was Zoom teacher and classmate get-togethers. The kids are able to see their friends and felt they still have a classroom in place. Best wishes for a successful school year!


I don't have any tips, but you have made a great choice to keep the kids home to homeschool this year. It sounds like a lot of work, but you and your kids will treasure your moments together for the rest of your lives.


I home schooled my children for 24 years. I did not have the gift of teaching, but found that it was very rewarding. You get to know your kids at a deeper level. And you have fun with them. Try not to make it harder than it is. We did a lot of different things during school. Mostly reading writing and math, of course, but some of the sciences we were able to learn by doing. We enjoyed field trips to museums and had opportunities to learn hands on. Make it fun and you won't be frustrated.

Karen Likens

I saw a recommendation for this site for a homeschool curriculum. It might be helpful.

Carol D Duffy

All encouragement from me! I homeschoooled both of my kids from K-12 and it's the best thing I accomplished in my life. No critique of the school system here, but I just had a little boy who was not going to sit still for anything-- I only planned to do a couple of years, but we ended up getting ahead and one year rolled into the next. Both went to college and are now productive members of society in spite of me!! LOL Be patient with Eva, be patient with yourself, and be patient with the process. There will be productive days and some not so productive-- it's just like quilting. In the end, the one on one instruction from a loving grandparent-- Eva will excel, and well, you will both cherish this time you had together. xoxo

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Good luck with the homeschooling. I homeschooled my grandson for two years. It’s a challenge, but a rewarding one.

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