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August 10, 2020


Linda Enneking

I have made a few quilts from two of Karen Brackett's books, Scrap Basket Surprises and Scrap Basket Sensations, which are devoted to using 2 1/2 inch strips. If I remember correctly, you made a quilt from one of these books using William Morris fabrics. I think the pattern you used was Kitchen Sink. I remember because when I first started quilting I bought a bundle of William Morris fabric and didn't know what to do with it. A google search brought me to your blog, which I had not seen but now I read every day.


My favorite use of a jelly roll is a pattern by Kim Brackett called Bali Sea Stars. The quilt is shown on the cover of her book Scrap-Basket Surprises. I've never been a fan of "cut and flip" because it wastes so much fabric, so I've devised a way to make this quilt without the waste. Give me a three day weekend and I can have this quilt top completed.


Another favorite is Honeyberries by Evelyn Sloppy on the cover of her book 40 Fabulous Quick Cut Quilts. Even though this quilt is shown in cream and blue, it turned out even more stunning using a bali pop. I have also make it using one of your favorite combinations, red and cream. One of the best features, no fabric is wasted. (I love this book so much, I purchased it twice.)

Sally K

Check out Anka’s Treasures “The Trendy Table” and “The Trendy Table 2”. She has several other patterns that work well with jelly rolls but I think would start with the books.

Linda Enneking

I see I made a mistake, it is Kim Brackett, not Karen. I have the book by Evellyn Sloppy that is mentioned above, but haven't made any of the patterns yet. There are a few in there that call to me. I'm glad I'm not the only person who has purchased a book more than once.


The shop where I worked, The Quilting Nook and More, is using a book called Jelly Filled quilts this year. They make one per month and often try to change up the color scheme so you can see another choice. It's been fun to see what they look like.

Debi Bacon

I'm making my 2nd quil from "Jelly Filled Quilts" right now. It's true that they are simpler than piecing the 35 piece blocks you might make but they can still make stunning quilts. I love jelly roll quilts and using 2 1/2 strips so much that often I just cut my fat quarter bundles into strips and then use them. As Nike says, "Just Do It".

Kim has an interesting quilt pattern in various sizes that might interest you.

Kathleen Gentile

I made Susan Ache's "Airboats" quilt from the Start with Strips book. It was sufficiently challenging, and has become one of my favorite quilts, and a pattern I'd like to make again. That being said, simple patterns can make beautiful quilts...I think it's all in the fabric choice. I know that whatever you turn your hand to will be a beautiful quilt!

Dona Zarosinski

Hello...I scrolled through the patterns for jelly rolls at Missouri Star Quilt Company and some of the more intricate patterns I saw are Starstruck, Jacobs Ladder, Diamond Terrace and Mountain Lily. Bigger blocks than you are used to, but,hey, nothing wrong with a quick and easy finish! Watch the tutorials and you don’t even need a pattern.

Bertha Mallard

Check out The Shabby Fabrics Jelly Roll Rugs. I haven't made one yet but plan to do one by Fall for a guest bathroom.

Patty Fowl

I also have the Susan Ache book "Start With Strips" and have Junkanoo on my radar (stars alternating with courthouse steps) and Citrus Grove. I have also used 2 1/2" strips with log cabin or pineapple quilts. Personally, jelly rolls are not my favorite precut as it sometimes is just not enough fabric to do a lot with. Also, I find that if a pattern has fabric/color choices that don't catch my eye, sometimes I overlook a pattern... does that happen to you?

Sherri C

I've made a bunch of quilts from Kim Brackett's books. I like her instructions, clear and easy to follow. I have used jelly rolls and have used leftovers from fat quarter bundles. I think they make wonderful gifts--and some blocks have lots of pieces! LOL


I made a quilt using batik strips that looks like woven ribbons, using a Moda Bakeshop pattern called Simply Woven - here: . There are some similar variations out there in patterns which you can find by Googling. I also made a large tote bag using an Anna Studio pattern (pattern available on Etsy); see here:


I'm enjoying the suggestions you're getting from readers! I made V & Co.'s Ombre Weave pattern with 2 jelly rolls of her Ombre Metallic Confetti fabric. The pattern calls for 1 jelly roll, but I added a piano key border that took another one. It's not an ultra-challenging pattern but you'll love the way those colors work together. I've also make quite a few of Kim Brackett's patterns & also find jelly roll friendly ones in quilting magazines like Quilts & More.

Sue Slater

Let me second the recommendations for Kim Brackett's books and patterns. I made a couple of hers and the patterns are not just interesting but beautifully written. She gives specific pressing directions which is a plus for me. Most use 2 1/2" strips. Can't wait to see what you do.

AnnieO in SoCalif

I have several of Kim Brackett's books too, she has a lot of great ideas. My favorite is the Picnic quilt, which I made a number of years ago from leftover jelly roll strips and scraps. I always seem to make the quilts bigger than she makes them, which isn't a problem for experienced quilters, right? Susan Ache's patterns always catch my eye as well.

Carole Moore

My next project is going to be Big Katahdin Tote by Auntiestwo. It uses a jelly roll. Making large totes and duffle bags is my latest obsession..and perhaps someday we will actually be able to go somewhere and use them!


I made the Pattern Summer in the Park by Missouri Star Quilt Company (
There are the Top 5 at the Fat Quarter Shop (
there are some really lovely ones at Cluck Cluck Sew (
Greetings from Germany

Anita Monery

I very seldom buy precuts. I’ve bought them in the past and they tend to sit around my sewing room. I work in a quilt store. Precuts weren’t big sellers pre-Covid but they seem to be more popular lately. I just bought a Tula pink layer cake to make a free pattern from the free spirit website. Maybe check out some the fabric manufacturers sites for project ideas.

Beverly Knappenberger

Have three favorites, " hanging gardens, a Georgette fell orco design from cozy quilt designs, as well as nine sisters by Daniela stout.
River log cabin from Missouri Star also uses strips into a beautiful quilt.
Have fun.


I want to make the Pumpkin Maze and the SeaGlass quilt from Susan Aches books— of course, having jelly rolls would streamline the process. I’ve also found you can make many Schnibbles table runners where most of the cutting of a charm square is two 2-1/2 inch strips. Really, any pattern with 2-1/2” squares or half square triangles would work. Have I done any of this NOT! Lol— still thinking about it!!


I have the same problem. I've only made one quilt using jelly rolls. But I also have several books with patterns. My basic problem is color. Because they usually have too many assorted colors when I mostly like to coordinate.

Sandy Carlson

I also have three Kim Brackett books using Jelly Rolls as well as Anka's Treasures books for table runners. Both well written and fun to make.


I've made one quilt using jelly rolls. Just a word of caution: be careful that your jelly rolls are an even width through out the strip. I used a Kaffe Fassett roll that I had to re-trim because the width of the strips varied from 2" to 2 1/4". It defeated the purpose of having them pre-cut! It may have just been my experience and may not be this way with all designers.

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