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August 24, 2020



Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay safe.


I am so sorry to hear about all these fires. I think it's getting lost in all the political stuff right now. My SIL has a house up in Bishop outside Mammoth and the fire several years ago burned their retaining wall and stopped short of the house. The neighbors lost everything. Very scary. I do hope your family members remain ok and safe.
I really love the leaves in batik!


As if times are not already challenging enough. We can only hope people stay safe and ahead of the fire. Build back better takes on another meaning in light of the fires. Please be safe.

T Holzer

We don't have fires here like you guys experience in CA so it was hard to understand the intense fierceness that they have...until I watched a Dateline documentary on the wildfires CA had several years ago. Dateline did a fantastic job and I remember that feeling of "there's nothing stopping these fires" after watching it. But hopefully there is "something" that can stop them. Take care, Nicole.

Karina McIntyre

The Maple Leave blocks are so beautiful. The batik was a great choice for this project, its colors speak Autumn.

I live in San Diego, and we have had extremely hot temperatures for the past three weeks. We have been advised to conserve power, so we are doing our part. My heart and prayers go to your family. I cannot imagine the fear and uncertainty that evacuating brings. Stay safe.

Debbie R.

Thinking of you and all those threatened by the fires. May they be safe.
Your table runner is great! Beautiful colours and pattern.


Very scary. Stay safe.

Mary Kastner

Your Maple Leaves are so pretty. I feel very unsettled right now and sad as well. IT is scary times for sure. Take care and be safe.



What else can 2020 throw at the people? You California types are a tough bunch that look out for each other. My prayers for everybody's safety. The firefighters are heroes and deserve the kudos of a grateful nation. Keep us posted Nicole and try to stay busy with your beautiful batik leaves. The fabric was a perfect choice.

Jean Thut

We have fires here in Colorado but not to the magnitude that you guys have back there. My sister lives in Tracy and had to be evacuated one day last week. They were allowed to go back home but they’re still on standby. So sad

Stephani in N. TX

These are way unsettled times. I felt better knowing that some military forces had been lined up to fight the fires. One of my first business trips alone for UC years ago, was a systemwide meeting at Santa Cruz. I rented a car on my own, and after landing in San Jose, I drove that highway through the mountains to Santa Cruz. The same road I saw on TV packed with cars escaping from fires. I am buoyed by the heroes among us who take on the job of working those fires. Their determination will save a lot. Your maple leaves are looking good. Love The Pattern Basket.


Oh, Nicole, I'm so saddened to read of the fires & how they're affecting your family. Those firefighters are true heroes & deserve our appreciation & respect for putting their lives on the line. These are truly turbulent times in so many aspects. You & your family are in my heart & thoughts. Stay well.


Prarying for those affected by the fires. May God give His protection and peace.

Diane Linford

All natural disasters are scary, but I find fires are terrifying. They change so quickly. I will keep you and yours in my prayers.


Pray for us all. I'm in Fremont. The Fremont hills area was put on stand-by to be prepared to evacuate. It is horrific for all of these people and the firefighters. 2020 has been a horrific year. :(


Your blocks are gorgeous! I can see how you would need to keep your mind occupied with all that is happening in your family. So scary! I have a lot of smoke in my area and can't open windows to cool down but that is nothing compared to losing a home and having to evacuate. Hope they all stay safe!


We are in SoCal. It is very distracting. We were evacuated 2003 but all worked out safe for us but my bil's home was burned to the ground (in S.D. county) Our home now is safe but our little mountain cabin always a worry. So much smoke from three nearby fires. It has been so very hot. We pray for all the folks and the firefighters. We will never get used to this.


Many prayers and thoughts for all of you affected by the fires, whether directly or indirectly. This must be so frightening. Wishing you peace. Stay safe and God bless.
Mary in Kansas.

Jennifer in Indy

Your blocks are so pretty, and I can’t imagine the fires - it is so sad to see all of them and the orange skies stretching even further. Hope all those you love stay safe and don’t lose homes.


My prayers are with all of you affected by the fires--it is truly heartbreaking--I am originally from California (Central Valley and Northern California). California is a beautiful state, tragic to have so much destroyed. Praying for a large rain storm with NO lightning. Prayers for people and animals fleeing and for our amazing firefighters, so brave.

Sandra  larke

Love & prayers for all your family. Hope the fires will soon be out. I cannot inmagine the stress this is causing. Keep doing your beautiful handwork!!
Love Sandra in Georgia


Love the batik maple leaves and with a non distracting background. Sending my best wishes to you over there. It will soon be our turn for 'bushfires' over here in Australia, hopefully not as horrific as last year where it seemed the whole State was burning. Sam the Aussie

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