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August 27, 2020


Pam O

Oh, Ozzie!


I love that dog! I bet my wire fox terrier can one up your Ozzie stories. You have to love that "tude"! You wouldn't want a boring dog, now would you? Ozzie 2020!


It has been fun to watch his antics over the years. What ever happened to the other one, if I may ask?

Debbie R.

What a dog!!

Debi Bacon

I've been reading you for a long time. The "orange shoe" period was when I started. I couldn't believe you didn't give him away then. Happy Dog Day.

sue s

Facebook posted a "memory" for me yesterday of our two dogs, both deceased. I was a little upset, but then we both reminisced about them and what good dogs they were and then Ifelt better.


He's such a cutie! And with loads of personality!

Mary Kastner

Such a character! The adventures have been very entertaining to me over the years of Ozzie.


Strolling memory lane with Ozzie was fun. But wow! 13 years? He wears his age well. :-)


Here's to the orange shoe episodes--always my favorite Ozzie story! The sewing irons are a close second, but the shredded shoes will remain his #1 funniest (sorry!) attention-getter! Ozzie forever! 🐶❤️ Stay well!

Jean Thut

Oh, how I used to enjoy your posts of Ozzie’s escapades. It took my mind off what my Maggie was doing. Like chewing up my entire back yard drip system.


Ozzie with knitting project is a classic. ;p

kathy b

I am not a dog owner, thanks Ozzie for making me smile!!!!


He is a joy to see and watch !!! Such a cute fellow and have to say he has given us lots of laughs and smiles

Kathleen Gentile

I love the Ozzie pics and stories....I remember a lot of them! You are blessed to have had such a pal for so long.


Adorable and what a personality. We love them, don't we? Otherwise we wouldn't overlook all their mischief. He is sure a handsome guy.


Omg! Ozzie kills me! Love him and his antics!

Linda Kay Smith

I've followed your blog for a long time and recall many of these photos. Especially the orange shoes, the iron, and the underwear. Good times. How could anyone resist that furry face?


I love Ozzie! He is always so full of mischief. But so adorable!

Christine Cole

Love that furry face! They sure know how to get your attention don't they?


Its the terrier! Our Kerry Blues Milly and Rosie were crazy til the very end! Professional teasers. Love those dogs!

Lori Feld

Nothing like an Airedale!! Ours removed and devoured a whole pot of chili cooling on the stove top and could open the refrigerator.

Nancy L Buennemeyer

What a cutie. Such typical escapades. Makes me lonesome for our wirehaired fox terrier. We've had three over the years. He looks like a Welsh. My son has an airedale/shepherd mix that is quite the "terriorist." It's interesting that there are so many terrier owners among the comments. Creative people have good taste in breeds! LOL

Jennifer Gwyn

Love it! Thanks for sharing - have a great weekend!

Darlynn Venne

has it really been 13 years? OMG, I so remember when you got him....and then a "friend" that didn't work out...or am i just making that up. none-the-less, i have so enjoyed the escapades of Ozzie!

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