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August 26, 2020



The table runner is beautiful and your assistant looks very helpful there. Glad to hear about the air clearing up a bit and will still cross my fingers and say a prayer for all out there. Love your runner and have fun quilting it!

Carla HR

The runner is absolutely gorgeous, all of the unsewing was definitely worth it - love how the center came together. Seeing this makes my fingers itch to do some "real" quilting but I am still in mask making mode for family (using the Creative Grids ruler - thank you for that recommendation).
Wishing you more good air.

mary in wisconsin

So glad to hear that your family members fire situations improved. I was in a fire in a dorm and could not ever live in CA because I would probably have a heart attack from the stress of a fire! I admire all the brave people fighting the fires and those who have to escape through them. Keep safe!!

Turning those 2 blocks really made the runner so much better! I really love it. I have done Pattern Basket's bird block-- but so far, just one bird for a pillow.

Good luck with the home schooling. We start next week. What grade are you in ? We (twin grand girls and I) will be in 2nd grade.
: )

Becky Turner

Love the layout on this runner....
Sorry it was such a bear.
Is it your own bright idea?


Love your table runner and what a lovely assistant! So glad you and your family are safe. Sending good wishes your way and hope you have some peace and reprieve !


Really well thought out plan for the runner. It turned out beautifully! I want to make one too. 😃 A calm where the fire situation is concerned is good news. I’m sorry you and your family has additional stress in dealing with this. Let’s hope for better times.


The runner turned out great despite the aggravation. I don't imagine you'll forget 'when' you made it! That's very positive news about evacuations being lifted for Sara's area. Hoping others receive good news soon--and that the firefighters can go home safe & sound to their families. Stay well!

Diane Linford

I love the center of the quilt!


your assistant is adorable! she looks so much like her mom. air quality here is still atrocious. we were able to go for our evening walk yesterday.

Mary Kastner

Your fall leaves are beautiful. I love the colors. Great job!


I love the final result!

Kimberley Rose

Beautiful runner! Is there a pattern for it?

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