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August 31, 2020



Really cute table runner. Would love to make this for Christmas decorating.

I finished reading The Last Mrs. Parrish recently. It was a slow-go for the first section, and I almost gave up. But once I started the second part, I couldn't put it down. Judging by your past recommendations, I think you may want to take a look at this one if you haven't already read and recommended it.


I know what you mean about the days just flowing into each other. I often have to check which day of the week it is. And my goodness, our daylight hours are getting noticeably shorter and we even had a frost advisory last night!
Looking forward to your book reviews.


Looking forward to your book post. We have similar tastes in reading. And in quilting!

Mary Kastner

I am always checking out my calendar these days . Everyday is the same and that is not a good thing for me at all. Sky is really nasty here this morning. HAve a great day!


It's the first day of school in our town today. Parents have a choice & may do virtual school if they'd prefer not to send kids yet. A friend's granddaughter started 1st Grade & one picture she sent was the little girl with a counselor wearing masks & having her temperature taken before entering the building. Add that to the list of craziness happening right now!


Love the runner; thanks for linking to her website. Looking forward to your book list. I too am glad to see the end of August. Surely we can get through this!

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