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August 03, 2020



My favorite tool for this is actually the Square in a Square (SnS) ruler. No bias and easy peasy straight sewing.

T Holzer

Beautiful, Nicole. When did you piece this quilt because I just don't remember it at all!? It's my kind of quilt, for sure.


Your finished quilt looks so cozy & inviting on the bed! Nap, anyone? I have been using my Doug Leko folded corner rulers quite a bit lately. They're very accurate. How did it become August so quickly?? Stay well!

Michele Klein

I like Studio 180 Square2 ruler. Same principle as Creative Grids but you can make several sizes with one ruler. Since rulers are so expensive you get more bang for your buck!

Annie Ol

I’d forgotten it was called the Economy Block, it’s an inelegant name for a smart looking block. Your quilt turned out beautifully! I’ve made a few quilts of these over the years! My favorite version starts with four patches in the center, I use 1.5” squares as leader-enders, and a pair of 2.5” squares cut in half for the first round. I should always add another round of triangles to bump them up a notch:)

Mary Kastner

Very pretty !


Really gorgeous!

Debbie R.

Beautiful quilt. Made from a very nice block, but one that, at least up to now, I always avoid because it never turns out properly. The right ruler and trimming sounds like the way to go. Thanks for the tip.


Another beautiful finish!

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