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August 07, 2020



I love the fabric. My daughter home schools her 6 children and joined a co-op of other homeschoolers that meet once a week for classes, field trips, etc. I don't think they have been meeting with the Coronaville going round, but I know they will start meeting again as soon as it is safe

Debi Bacon

The new head of the post office has cut off overtime. And now if a load can't be delivered by "quitting time" it has to wait to the next day. All political.

Deb E

Our poor postal person (a delightful woman) can't take a day off without knowing when she returns she will not only have THAT days mail & packages to deliver, but she'll have the day she was OFF to deliver, as well. They've cut back on personnel, and some of those who ARE on payroll have decided they won't help cover those who have vacation, a day off or are sick for a day. Supervisors know, but do nothing. Which is why we all wait for long intervals for our packages.

Mary Kastner

Very pretty Christmas fabric. I am working on a baby boy quilt. Hopefully I will get it machine quilted today and get some binding around it to hand stitch to the back this weekend. Have a nice weekend Nicole.


We have Trump’s newly appointed Post Master General to thank for the declining condition of our once fairly excellent performing USPS. The delayed delivery is by design. You can expect worse to happen as we get closer to the November election when we are (hoping to) mail ballots. My sympathy is with the mail handlers and carriers who are overburdened and at times receive complaints from postal patrons who don’t realize it’s not their carriers fault or the local post office or even the postal managers, it’s the PMG...


You covered quite a few topics today! The subtle prints in the fabric don't scream Christmas & are really beautiful. I like those patterns, too!
We have a friendly group of Post Office employees in our small town. They can match a name with a PO Box number from memory! Our sympathy goes out to those poor people because they are so overworked & worried.
I'm certain that you & Eva will be just fine once you get into a routine! The concept of a homeschool group with a lead teacher sounds interesting. It should provide plenty of opportunities to connect with others & share both strategies & some social time.


That is gorgeous fabric! Have a lovely weekend. ;p


Love your fabric and think a great choice for the patters.....I also am waiting for packages that shipped weeks age....😣 not sure what is happening but hopefully soon! Good luck with Home Schooling and am sure you will be a great teacher as you are such a creative person!

Audrey Bretz

I love Kansas Troubles fabrics! They have designed a winning group of fabrics for sure. I've been on a 'use it up' sort of mode this year and so I am going to try to avoid this! But it is beautiful... I can't wait to see what your projects look like.

Eva and her parents are so lucky to have you! Stay safe and 'this too, shall pass'.


Hi! This is a random question for you--I love the heart quilt you have as your blog header- are you able to share what pattern this is? I have 3 jelly rolls of the same fabric and would love to use them for this-- yours is so beautiful!!
Thank you!

Karen Beigh

I order pften from Fabric Shack. Reasonable prices and quick shipping. The color range and prints is quite pretty. Enjoy.

Susan C Quinn

I love those fabrics! Going to have to get me some! 😁

Anita Rohman

Love the fabric and I know you'll do just fine with home schooling! The trick I feel is to keep them engaged and interested. There are lots of good videos to watch for content, brain breaks, art projects, etc. My favorite science site for young kids that we used at school is Mystery Science. They have lots of great topics and experiments. Good luck!

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