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August 13, 2020



Not all learning comes from books! Life skills are important too! I have my gd weekly as school is still closed. We bake and cook- all those fractions- and she likes to help Poppop build and measure. She’s not too much of a fabric junkie but she did pick out fabrics for her masks


Oh my gosh, this is sensational! I personally don't feel a lot of schools teach life skills, and I think you did an outstanding job. I want to incorporate these ides with my grandchildren when they come to visit.


It sounds like your day gets an A+!

Mary Kastner

You two are rock stars! Making due with what you have and doing a great job. reading this was a great start to my day and inspirational! You go girls!


It sounds like she learned a lot in one day, and life skills are so important. You realize how important math and reading are when you're doing daily tasks. When my sons were young and we had paper flyers for grocery stores delivered to our mail box, I would get them to check out specials and write out grocery lists just so they could practice their writing skills.

Karina McIntyre

What a fantastic lesson of math and reading. Without a doubt, the field trip was a lot of fun.

Keeping children engaged in activities is not easy, and you accomplished that. Great job Nicole!

frances schuff

Here is a game to play to practice number facts. It is called the Brain and the Caculator One person has the flash card with the number fact no answer on the card , the other the caculator. Both players call out the answer but you must use the caculator A point or check goes the the person answering first. It gives practice hearing the correct answer . And eventually kids realize that they are faster then a machine when they know their facts !

Connie Morgan

I think that was an excellent lesson! I know college kids that don't know how to properly grocery shop lol. Life lessons are just as important as book lessons. Sounds like you had an enjoyable adventure!


Good job! You've brought back Home Ec! Menus, shopping lists, food prices, sewing, ironing/pressing...we used to learn all of those in school! I sure wish it was still a part of the curriculum! That was definitely time well spent! I think the commenter's Brain/Calculator game sounds like a great idea! Stay well!


That Eva is just such a cute kid!! If you have to be staying home, I can't think of better company. Everyday life can teach us how to think logically which seems to be missing in today's world. Both cooking/baking and sewing are loaded with math but it makes sense as it all comes together.

Patricia Ludwiczak

What an excellent school day! I wish all my students could have had experiences like that. Enjoy your time together - you'll be surprised at how much you both learn!


This is exactly what I meant when I said be gentle with yourself....I already knew you would be gentle with Eva.

Everyone is just going to have to accept that things have changed and that priorities will have to change. Flash cards are not going to get us through this emotionally difficult time.

Honestly, I would talk to Eva's parents and find out where she is weakest(math? reading? science?) and then figure out how you can focus on that area without pressure and make it interesting for both of you. You have the entire 9 months.

Also, share your love of books with her by reading a book together. Have her read to you one page and then you read a page. There are some great books out there. Remember 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory?' 'Matlida'

Be gentle with yourself. We all have to adjust. Your family's safety is the priority and you have already achieved that.

Debbie R.

Sounds like you are a great, kind, fun and thoughtful teacher, as well as a wonderful grandma! I really admire you for digging in and doing this. You and Eva are going to have a great school year — and a great life-long relationship!


Sounds like some good skills you taught her! What grade is she in? I think comparing numbers is first/second grade but really they compare them always. You can also have her jot numbers down and "round" them to come up with an estimate, which is another standard. If she's older you can add them all and come up with an average, mean, mode, have her divide them by ounces to come up with the cheapest price per ounce. Even have her figure how they come out in a food pyramid, what categories would they fall into, making change, using decimals for placement. Lots of useful stuff! Oh and what mask pattern are you using? Her masks came out adorable! Great first day!

Sue Slater

As a retired teacher and the mother of a current one, I have to add my two cents. It sounds like you are doing an excellent job. Let me share the one thing which I firmly believe is the difference between a student who loves learning and does it well and one who does not. I do believe that READERS will always be successful. People who read learn sentence structure, spelling, grammar, sometimes history and geography and even math occasionally. And I don't just mean textbooks but novels. The students of mine who loved reading, were always better writers, spellers, thinkers and students. Just my two cents worth. Keep up the good work Nicolle; Eva is lucky to have you.

Karen Seemuth

Such a sweet girl 😊

Karen Likens

She learned that you are the most wonderful Grandma and the memories you are making together will last a lifetime.


Good for you! She most certainly learned something today. It's called life skills. You could also categorize it as home ec :-)


A++ for today’s lesson. Learning comes from all places in life and we have to learn everything about life also ... good job!

Jennifer in Indy

The shopping list and trip are a better learning opportunity than most kids get - you should pat yourself on the back for a good day!


Great learning experience. I agree one size does not fit all


Sounds like you already have caught the essence of homeschool! And tell Eva I hate pinning, too. xoxo

suzanne simpson

Greetings from Australia,
I am late reading the blog so am commenting on using jelly rolls. I saw a quilt at an aged care residence quilt show . Made with pastels I was entrance with the pattern and did not know it, so I hunted the internet and found it as per below.

I don't think you can click on my "copy and paste" so you may need to find it the long way----
pattern - strip tube quilt
there is also a tutorial to go to from the blog
I haven't made it yet but it's one of those that i definately will since I have about 10 jelly rolls

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