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September 14, 2020


Chris Horne

On the east coast we’ve been watching the news of the fires and can’t imagine what it is doing to all of you. Hope they get these under control and that you stay safe and healthy.


I think your quilt looks nice. If I were doing the sewing, I'd keep going just as it is.

Stephani in N. TX

You're so good at tiny Nicole. What if you put tiny corners where the neutrals come together? Don't know how big your blocks are, but additional corners would give you blocks within your blocks. Mix up the colors further or use the same color as used in the "X". It is a stark looking block, but then I don't know if those are 4 inch blocks, or 6, or ? Glad you got away but sounds like the joy was limited. Between fires and Covid, sounds like it's hard to have a "get away."

Debi Bacon

I'll echo looks great....looks like you...just keep going. You'll come to love it, especially after it is quilted. Now who does your quilting? ;=)

T Holzer

Morning, Nicole. I do like your blocks, but I'd be tempted to take out the green and see what that does to the overall look. If you don't like the quilt/fabric moving forward, just send it my way!! Take care!!


This whole fire thing is just so awful and scary. Regarding American Pie, the colors seem rather dull and muted on my monitor, maybe introduce some slightly brighter shades of the colors you are already using, keeping with the repro style though.


Nicole, Always fun to read your blog! I would take the photo of your blocks and change it to black and white...that will show whether you have ample contrast between your prints. I’m thinking you need some lighter tones in there, to give more contrast.
I was going to go to a quilt retreat in Lake Tahoe, but it doesn’t sound like this is the year to do that! Hope the fires are under control soon!

Becky T

On the color to "add" to the mix....maybe another green? I do not play with this color pallet much.
But have you considered turning the blocks on point?

Here in central Oregon we have been labeled the worst air quality in the world for 3 days straight!!


Maybe audition a purple or deep plum if considering an additional color.

Audrey Grace Bretz

I think it needs a little navy. I don't think you need to change up the scrappiness of each block, once they are put together it looks pretty scrappy. I feel for you guys out west. On top of Covid this is just another thing to have to deal with. I hope it gets under control soon.

sue s

I like the idea of little corners; and maybe they could be in more medium colors. I had thought about navy too, but it might be just one more dark color. My daughter lives just north of Portland in Washington and she says the skies are orange. Stay safe!


Good Morning Nicole,

You are doing a beautiful job on assembling your blocks. They do seem a bit dark with little contrast. Agree that something brighter might help... more bright golds or oranges, perhaps? If your heart isn’t in it, put it away for awhile and work on something that isn’t so mind-stressing.

Stay safe and healthy!

Carol in Texas

Honestly speaking.....I think that is a boring pattern! It does not appeal to me. The colors you are using are dark fallish colors so it seems drab to me. I do not mean criticism of your taste or choices. This is strictly my personal opinion. No offense meant.


I think adding in plum & navy along with checking the colors in a black & white photo are all good suggestions. Some of us need to change scenery more than others, so it's good that you & your husband could get away for a couple of days. It's stressful to have so many rules & limitations--but necessary if we're ever going to rid ourselves of this miserable virus. 😷 Our Wyoming skies are smoke-filled from fires in neighboring states & the West Coast this morning. Stay well!


It could be my monitor, I agree it needs... something. Instead of adding another dark color, what about adding different light fabrics? Or add a bit lighter versions of colors you already have? Or maybe this is simply one of those quilts that won't sing until quilted.


Ok, I think I might be the only one who liked your blocks when I say them :) then you said you didn't like them so I started not liking them too, lol! I definitely like the scrappy idea, with a different color for each block. This reminds me of the Fig Tree Hugs pattern, but they use all one color for the four blocks, so maybe try that? Also, are you going for a Fall look or just anytime look? It looks very country to me, so I would say add more fall colors, oranges, some lighter browns, maybe rust, greens, and take out the black and replace it with purples or dark blues. As for your trip, funny you said Lake Tahoe because everyone I know that's had a getaway has gone there! Wondering what their infection rate is with all those travelers. Sounds like your place was safe though which is the important thing.


Love the the fabric....think it could do with just a touch of blue or teal for a bit of spark, or even one of the reproduction pinks.


So frustrating when you start a quilt thinking it’s going to be great and you feel indifferent about it! Just had that experience this weekend. I agree with others ... throw in some plum, navy and a zippy orange/ rust. Also try varying your background fabrics to make some of the blocks pop. Try blocks using 4 different colours but I wouldn’t rip out what you have. It’s going to be great! Don’t give up!


Well, I get the stir-crazy thing. B4 the fires I had been thinking it would be nice to go up the coast to Mendocino area for a few days. Then the fires started. :( My heart breaks for all of those people. My heart just breaks for them.

I like the colors you've chosen for the blocks. I think it will be really lovely. I do like the idea of adding more colors like plum and navy.

Linda Smith

Something for a POP of color, like some bright yellow? Or a brighter orange?

It is really beautiful. Love the pattern.

Ellenin Oregon

I like the colors in your pie quilt. I do think that it could use a bit more visual interest. I was thinking that if you snowballed the 4 cornors of the background fabric where the X blocks intersect you would create a diamond secondary pattern to the design. How will you be quilting the open areas will also make a difference.
I don't buy charm packs any more, but I use my stash for Irish Chain, Jacob's Ladder, 9 patch and HST blocks. I like JRs for granny square, spool & strip pieced blocks. My favorite precuts are LCs & fat 1/8th bundles. Versitile and plenty of fabric for the lap quilts I make.
Like you, I am not bothered by nesting at home. I never find myself lacking things to keep busy with. I live in Portland and after 2 weeks of fires & smoke has made my home unsafe. The smoke is now inside as well as outdoors. But so many Oregonians have lost their homes & everything they own, so I am fortunate that filthy air is all I am dealing with. Quilters here are already organizing to get quilts to those who could use some small comfort during this disaster.


I like this pattern, and the suggestions for pops of color from your other commenters. The one thing that may help is scale. Most of your prints are tiny, so some larger scaled ones would help your eye move around the X's. I attended a class with Pat Speth of "Nickel Quilts," and she emphasized this in her lecture. From the picture on the top of your post, the striped fabric really catches your eye and sparks interest in combination with their tiny partners.
Glad to hear that you and DH had a get away. We're going to try one next weekend. Fingers crossed!

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