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September 02, 2020



Thanks for another great reading list! I plan to share it & I'll be reading the book you describe as 'fluffy'! Those are the ones I enjoy! Stay well!

Mary Kastner

Thank you so much Nicole. THat is quite a lineup this month. I see some must reads for me in there for sure.

Linda Kay Smith

I agree with your assessment of Mexican Gothic. The book is interesting as you get into it. It's different I was enjoying it. Then it just got bizarre and lost me.
I do look forward to reading The Other Bennet Sister - that sounds good.
Thanks for your recommendations I always look forward to them.


I enjoyed The Bookish Life of Nina Hill too and will have to try some of the others here. I recently discovered mysteries from an Australian author, Jane Harper - The Dry and Force of Nature - both very good.

Jean Thut

I don’t know how you read so many books. You either speed read or don’t go to bed at night because I know you’re busy all the time.


The Right Sort of Man and Nina Hill would be on the top of my list. I have read Queenie and would not recommend it to any of the readers I know.
I read two or three books a week. I don’t homeschool a grand child or accomplish nearly as much as you do. Do you sleep?

Sally Keathley

Thanks for another wonderful monthly book review.. I think I read The Lydia Byrd book in July and agree with you that it was a good read. I had come across the Nina Hill book as well as The Other Bennet Sister. Your review solidified putting them on my TBR list. You might like In Five Years by Rebecca Serle. The story had a nice flow and even though I thought the ending was a bit rushed I enjoyed it. There were several times while reading I wondered how, and if, it would work out. Using your scale I would rate it a definite three star.


Always good to read your reviews and discover new, to me, authors. Just finished Louise Penny's latest and thoroughly enjoyed it. Using your scale I would give it a 4. I am a really fast reader and forced myself to ration it over two days in order to spread the pleasure of a good read.


Always love your book reviews! You've given so many great recommendations and loved listening to them.

Paula Harvey

Well, time to move Nina Hill to the top of my nightstand pile! Your last book sounds interesting, too. It's always fun to see what you've been reading.

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