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September 10, 2020



Yum! What a delicious looking recipe. I must confess that the only galettes I have made have been fruit filled, but I can see that a savory galette will be on the menu soon. Thanks for the idea and the recipe!

Stephani in N. TX


Robby H.

Yum! And yes, recipes are really a place to start from, adapt as you suits your tastes or pantry.

Mary Kastner

Looks delicious. Thank you!

T Holzer

Wow! That looks fantastic!


That's very pretty! And it looks delicious! Stay well!


dang! I LOVE leeks! if you want to try some new recipes follow @testkitchen @cookscountry and @cooksillustrated on Instagram. They share free recipes every day. I have 6 or 7 of their cookbooks now. First rate stuff. My husband LOVES their recipes.

Maybe I've told you this b4? If I have, please ignore me. ;p Anywho, I LOVE leeks. ;p

Theresa Russell

Thank you so much for your review of the Sun Sister. I picked up the Seven Sisters and am now hooked on Lucinda Riley. The only problem is not much quilting is getting done.


I think I would sub in some sausage, mozzarella and keep the ricotta! LOL


I love to make Galettes. As you stated, they lend themselves to ingredient substitutions to suit your family's preferences. Every one that I have made has had different ingredient combos. I think the rustic result makes you look like a gourmet cook. Yours looks fabulous!

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