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September 18, 2020



It's going to be lovely! I found when using the cupcake mix papers that the pieces came together so well. There were no wonky pieces.

Mary Kastner

Never tried the papers. They look great. Have a nice weekend.



Your three blocks look very nice! I'll head over to the YouTube videos today. Have a good weekend...hope sewing is in your plan! Stay well!

Stephani in N. TX

Thanks for the explanation of those papers. Lissa Alexander blogged about a new Moda Book, something about cupcakes, cakewalk. Sorry, I don't recall right off, but I ordered it right away since there were several quilts I really liked. (Famous last words.) I might have to slow down on quiltmaking to learn something new. All your fault Nicole. Glad you are teaching with your grand daughter. Must be fun things to do in your sewing room for recess.


dang! why am I always the last to know about this new stuff?!

Have a lovely weekend....hope your air is better. Ours is but I saw Yosemite is not. :( Hope Sara can stay indoors.


forgot to add that I had pre-ordered that adorable applique squirrel quilt pattern and can't wait to make it! I've promised myself that I won't start it until I finish the Minnick and Simpson quilt. ;p


That is super ambitious of you!

Robby H.

I appreciate how you seem to be honest about how tools work for you. I have book that is designed to use some of the layer cake papers. I was thinking about just making the blocks, but I believe I'll get a tablet of those papers and give it a go.

Stephani in N. TX

PS: Cakewalk is the name of the book I was referring to above. As I said, there were some beauties in it, and thanks to Amazon, my copy will arrive shortly.

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