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September 21, 2020



I always run a lint roller over the roll before I untie the roll and helps really well!

Mary Kastner

WHat a great idea! Thanks for sharing! Have a great day.



Thanks for sharing the link and the great idea. I'll definitely have to try it.


Wow, thanks for passing this along, Nicole. Even the lint roller doesn’t get all the lint from the precuts, so I am happy to have another solution and give it a try.


Great suggestion! 👍 The lint is so annoying! And, the lint roller helps, but not like this. Stay well!


Thanks for the great tip! Looking forward to unrolling a jelly roll now


well, dang! I learned another new thing from your blog. thanks for the tip and happy sewing....

Lisa Vancor

Thanks for a great idea for de-linting
appreciate it a lot


Wow! What an awesome idea! I would've thought they'd have shriveled up into a tangled mess. Will need to try that out!


I'm surprised you didn't end up with a rats nest. I wonder if you could get all that lint with a tumble without the heat


Thanks so much for sharing that great tip, heading to the dryer with my jelly roll as soon as I post this. Have a lovely safe day.

yvonne bowe

Thanks for the great tip!!


I found it shrinks too much on high heat and I didn't like the raveling. I just bang them a lot on the table and hit it with a lint brush.

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