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September 15, 2020


Janice Parker

I use alot of charm packs. I have two patterns that I use them for. One is the Charms on Point, The tutorial from Missouri Star can be found at

But I use 4 charm packs and do 9x18 to do a larger quilt. It is a simple no brainer, but shows off the fabrics.

Also one called Bursting Star. I love precuts. Thanks for sharing. I also bought the log cabin sheets and now I need to buy some honey buns as I dont normally buy thoses.

Kelli L. Heldreth

I had a Cupcake Recipe pack given to me awhile ago but didn't have a charm pack so I bought two. The papers were great and I used up some scraps as well. Now have a table topper and would do it again. Thanks to Moda for their great ideas! Love your blog 🙂


I just finished a quilt using the 6 inch log cabin paper from FQS and loved them. My piecing was perfect, something I could never do in the past. I used yardage rather than a honey bun but the strip cutting went very fast.
I'm ordering the 12 inch papers so I can use one of my 11 jelly rolls. I have many charm packs, a few layer cakes, and far too many fat quarter bundles that need used up. This is my year to use up stash. 1000+ masks used up much yardage!


I recently purchased 4 honey buns, should have purchased jelly rolls instead. Jelly rolls are my favorite. My stash of fat quarter bundles is becoming a problem as is my collection of sewing thread.

Linda Kay Smith

I don't have many precuts, mostly fat quarters. I do have a couple of charm packs from 3 Sisters that I love but I have no clue how to use them. I have seen some cute patterns for jelly rolls so I may have to try them. I am trying now to use up my stash as much as possible and I find that fabric has gotten quite expensive.


Good Morning Nicole,

I am not a fan of Honeybuns or Charm packs. I do have a few Layer Cakes but mostly fat quarter bundles. I have to agree with you that with a fat quarter bundle, I frequently feel as if I have lots of leftovers... and at my age, I don't need any additional scraps as I have enough fabric to last the rest of my life. Fat eighths bundles sometimes don't give quite enough width for a larger quilt project. If you find you like the Log Cabin papers from FQS, their pineapple papers are equally awesome and you can use your jelly rolls for them also. I saw, in one of your photos, you had a Cupcake mix with your Charm packs... they make up some cute patterns as well. If you check Moda's website, they have a tab to search by precut... they have some great ideas for patterns.


I made a small quilt last year using 2 charm packs of Latitude batiks and background, and 2 packages of cupcake mix recipe 1. The pieces were pretty tiny and I would never have been able to sew them so accurately if I hadn't used the cupcake mix paper. It turned into a 36" x 42" little quilt - not very big. But I have used charm packs before to make baby quilts and lap size quilts.
I have a few cake mix recipe packs, but haven't used them yet. I don't have very many layer cakes in my stash.
I made a log cabin quilt earlier this year using 1 1/2" strips cut from yardage. A bit more work, cutting and squaring up the block as you add on the logs - the foundation papers would have been so handy.

Mary B

I actually like honey buns.....
I just don't see them in a collection I like all that often.
I spied a boo crew jelly roll in your collection.
I'd be happy to buy it off you.
I have a boo crew 16 quilt patch waiting to be finished....:(


I've been using charm packs quite a bit the past year or so. They're great for baby quilts & not expensive. I also tend to buy jelly rolls which go well with Kim Brackett's patterns that were discussed a few weeks ago in your blog. Recently, I've been using either scraps or fat quarters for masks. That's actually clearing out a tiny bit of what I have on hand! Stay well!


Do you recall where you got that bin your charm packs are in? I need one. Yes, I have some charm packs, but other than mini quilts, am not sure what to do with them. I do have a Fig Tree pattern, I think it is called Paper Roses, that I intend to make with 2 charm packs of an older 3 Sisters design that I've had in my stash for ages. I'll get to it one of these days!


Loving Squirrely Girl! I've decided I'm a collector 😂 Although I have used charm packs and mini charms for making cute little bags! They're the perfect size and already cut with lots of variety to make nice totes or snappy pouches. You can use a fat quarter as a lining, so win, win 😁 Oh and Fig Tree has a few new wallhangings using charm packs like a pumpkin and Christmas tree.

Debi Bacon

I don't use honey buns but buy quite a few FQ bundles. If I need something with 2 1/2 strips, I simply cut the FQs into strips. I do that often. Lately, I've been making both a large AND a baby quilt from the strips cut from FQs. Right now I have 3 babies coming. I cut up one FQ bundle and have more than enough for a largish quilt for a friend and a baby quilt. They will be the same quilt, just one is smaller.


I mostly use fat quarter bundles or fat eight bundles. I use the pieces I dont like as well in a pieced backing. If Im choosing a special pattern, I just pick my own fabrics of the requirements. I do like to make very simple lap quilts using two charm packs and and put a few scripture verses in with them. I get those off ebay. Block party makes panels to cut verses from. These are nice gifts for some elderly or anyone sad or ill.

Kathy B

Check out the latest issue of American Patchwork & Quilting, they have a pattern called to Give and to Receive that is all scrappy. It is also a block exchange, so you can get a lot of different fabrics in your quilt. Get a couple of quilting friends and have fun!


I really like Charm School book by Vanessa Goertzen. Lots of great patterns all using charms. The Schnibble patterns by Miss Rosie also uses charms.

Christine Cole

Buying precuts is a serious weakness of mine. I love fat quarter bundles, but find that I am able to use up an entire fat eighth bundle with no leftovers most of the time. So I have a fair number of those as well. There are lots of great books geared towards all of the different precuts but I just made a wedding quilt for my son and daughter-in-law using one of the MODA Cake Mix paper tablets and a layer cake. I have to say it went together so quickly and accurately that I think I will definitely be using more of the Cake Mix tablets in the future for my Layer Cake stash. And I will probably pick up some the Charm pack versions as well.


My collection of fabrics is out there. I buy mostly yardage and have tons of fabric. I also have several layer cakes, jelly rolls and fat quarter bundles and 1/2 yard bundles. If I love a collection I buy it and wait until I find a pattern I like to use it. I probably won't use up my collection in 2 life times! But I have variety for any season or holiday!


I’ve never bought a fat quarter bundle, although once I bought a jelly roll of Moda’s Swell line and have still not used it. I’m guessing when I say it’s over 10 years old. I love scrap quilts and like mixing it up, so I typically buy fat quarters and 1/2 metre or yard pieces. Karen

gloria g. Walls

like you Karen, I have never purchased FQ bundles, or any packaged goods either...I have always purchased yardage and actually cut what I needed..........I have been trying to use just what I have purchased over the last 40 sorry, but just wanted to chim in............I really don't want my husband selling my goods at a garage sell, so making a lot of scrappy quilts.....have about 90 quilt tops made hanging on hangers with also their prepared and ready bindings..........can't take it all with me..........just working at my own pace now.....when I want......Happy Piecing and Sewing to your site.....and I check it out most every day.....Thanks, gloria g.

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