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September 01, 2020


Vicky H

Cooking requires reading and math, and cooking makes it fun instead of boring. I always had my kids read the recipe and then would ask them how many eggs would I add if I doubled the recipe, or how much is 1/3 cup doubled. They don't think they are learning if it is fun.

Stephani in N. TX

How did it get to be September?? I have just sold my house in way north DFW and will start more paperwork for my purchase of another house closer to my children. Hoping the details go smoothly. Had some new quilts going and some done, but the time for them is just gone. Hopefully, by Thanksgiving I'll be stitching my life back together with my kiddos about 10 minutes away and no highway under construction between us. Our GB has gone back to preschool this week. He so needed other children to play with. Praying for safety when we are surrounded by people. With a move, I really have had to get out and about, and people came into my house, something I have not done since March. I'll be seeing workmen for a while to update the new house which is not new but the big things are done. Honest Nicole, aren't we all learning new things? Not just Eva. Enjoy her love and brightness, and your stitching as well. So sad about Ireland, but then lots of us are not traveling. My kiddos bought a 2nd home in Costa Rica and we haven't been able to visit there for months. Like we're on Hold.


We start homeschooling again next week. I’m dreading it a bit,will try not to be too cranky. The school keeps changing how they will ‘zoom’ the classes. I’m happy to try to help out but this Grandma doesn’t have the patience that I used to have. Sure do love my special girl so I want it to be tolerable for her- and me, too!

Mary Kastner

Love the block. I would like to try this one for sure. It sounds like you really have your hands full. Don't be too hard on yourself Nicole. You are in brand new transition territory. I am sure Eva is thrilled. One day at a time.


That block is certainly 'fiddly'! I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to tackle a whole quilt's worth of those! Could you work on one subject then take a 'break' to bake or play or go for a walk before digging into another? Maybe deal with the more challenging task before the break then return to the one that's a little more enjoyable/less difficult? You'll find your stride in a few weeks & meanwhile be gentle with yourselves. 💕


I, too, started virtual school with my 1st and 3rd grade grandchildren. Definitely a learning process. My daughter really organized homeschool space for them which made it easy to access things. Lots of issues with the multiple zoom meetings. We are all exhausted by the end of the school day. Need lots of breaks with outdoor running around to expend some energy. I know this virtual schooling is an evolving process but 6 hours of class and multiple homework assignments afterwards is too much to expect for all. For younger children it requires an involved adult to be constantly present to assist. Love the time with them, but not getting anything done!


Be gentle with your have plenty of time. Eva will be fine. We all have to adjust our expectations. We are living through a catastrophic time.

AnnieO in SoCalif

That block gives me a headache just looking at it--but you did a great job.

My daughter has to become a teacher too....I'm guessing there will be just as many interruptions to the lessons with her first grader.

Debbie R.

You did a great job on that block. I saw others from name quilters that don't look as good as yours!
And you are and will continue to do a great job with Eva. It will be hard work, but it will be fun, too. And you'll get into a routine. Best of all, you are forging a great relationship!!


I really enjoy all the things you write about. You are the only normal we can read about daily.

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