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September 09, 2020



LOL on keeping the quilter to yourself. Do not apologize; we all keep our own secrets.

Your pieces are just lovely. The Cinnaberry is my favorite.

Carole Moore

I like them all but especially the sunflower runner. And Cinnaberry just speaks to me!
Around here the wait time for a quilting is 2 months of more!


You've had so many great finishes recently! The wait for a long armer to finish a quilt in our area is a month or more, but so worth it! And you certainly shouldn't feel badly for not giving out your quilter's information. It's just smart not to share someone else's information on the internet for so many reasons!

Stephani in N. TX

Can't wait to see them on the return. To be sure they will be prettier than ever. Does it take long to get your quilts quilted? I had a quilter keep my quilt once for 3 mos, but never again. My usual quilter is well known in the DFW area, a friend of Bonnie Hunter's who I met in a DFW class with Bonnie. Her quilting is her work, and I bring them in when ready and generally have them back in 7-10 days, some a little longer. I love it.

Lisa D.

It's always fun to get quilts back to the quilter! I don't blame you for keeping mum. If you share with too many people (and you have a lot of followers!), she's likely to get too busy for your quilts! No guilt!

Mary Kastner

They are all lovely. How exciting. Binding here you come! Have a good day! Very smoked here - nowalk today ☹️.

Debi Bacon

Is your longarmer happy you don't advertise her/him?

Debbie R.

What a lot of great finishes! Makes sense not to share the name of your quilter. Can't wait to see these beauties quilted ... and bound.


wasn't there a commercial about hair coloring where the tag line was: "only her hairdresser knows?" ;p

I got another backyard haircut last week and MAN DOES IT FEEL AMAZING! my hair becomes so unmanageable so quickly.

Wendy Currie

As a Longarm quilter, I am always so excited to see what my quilters have made! Who ever is quilting for you certainly does beautiful work!!


Your runners are so cute and nice to have a good stock to rotate and change up....don't blame you on not giving out your quilter. Personal preference and good for you!

Ruth MacNutt

How can I get one of your patterns?


Love all your finishes!

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