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October 05, 2020


grace thorne

interesting reviews...i am reading "the other bennet sister" about mary and her life after the others are married and settled...really starts about 150 pages in but so far so good...


Thank you for the book reviews.I have put the first two on my reading list.

T Holzer

I've added Hamnet to my Kobo wishlist. Thanks, Nicole!


Thanks for the lists. I read The Restaurant by Pamela Kelly & agree that it was so-so. There was an opportunity to develop the characters & story that just wasn't followed through, in my opinion. Wishing you a good week ahead! Stay well!


I love your reviews. I'm always looking for suggestions and have read many of the books you've reviewed. So far the only thing we don't see eye to eye on is real thrillers - too much for me! Even though I love a good mystery. Tana French's books,for example, though well written are a little too scary. They are so real!


I had a not-appealing batch last week, too. The Jane Austen book was pleasant but contrived, IMO. But my current book has me engrossed! (The Address Book by Deidre Mask.)


Thank you for the book reviews. I often try to get them from the local library, sometimes it works and it gave me many new titles and new autors to read.

Sara Fridley

I enjoy seeing your book recommendations.

I just finished reading The Lager Queen of Minnesota. It was **** - 4 stars because I really enjoyed it. The story follows multiple generations of women in one family. A good read.


I always love your reviews and have gotten some good reads! I see someone mentioned the Lager Queen, which I loved as well. Thanks for reviewing :)

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