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October 06, 2020



Nichole, this is too lovely not to complete. You will be so glad that you did. And truly, not much more work compared to what you already have in it...


This is such a pretty quilt and think you need to finish this year...perhaps 5X6 blocks would be a good size and you would be happy with it. What about the 12in. papers from FatQuarter Shop??? Would that work....maybe check them out Nicole and see if possible as everyone seems happy with those.
Keep up the good work and happy quilting on this one, it is a beauty!


I made one over ,ahem, a few years too. Finish it up. A lap quilt is perfect for a heavily pieced top. Put a plush fleecy backing on it and everyone will fight over it! Looks great!


I started one of these a few years back and after making 12, I turned them into a purse. I usually carry it to guild meetings or quilt shows. A real attention grabber.

grace thorne

you are in the home stretch...finish it up and enjoy's beautiful...

Bridget Heffron

LOL I just finished up a UFO from, 1988. No that is not a typo. Your project is still a baby! Once it is done it will be a fabulous addition to the collection. I love it!! Also a lesson in perseverance, a lesson we all love to repeat apparently. :)


I think you should definitely make 5 more blocks to have a 5 x 6 layout and then reassess. If you decide that's enough, you'll have a good size quilt. It will be beautiful either way. Too lovely to put back in a vault!


Ditto to what your readers have already commented! Just do it! Stay well!

T Holzer

For sure make the 6 by 6 quilt! This will be a masterpiece when it's done and worth all of your time and effort, Nicole!! I have both rulers as well as papers from Gigi's Thimble and I've never used any of them. Oh brother. Have a great day!!


I say stop and send it to me. I love pineapple quilts and your blocks are lovely. My honest vote is make it bigger. I think you will get into it again once you start and when it is finished you will be happy. Just give yourself permission to stop if not feeling it along the way.

Michele Klein

You really need to finish this. You’ve put too much work in it to not complete it. Besides you can always use another red/white quilt!


You are so close to the finish line and It is going to be stunning when you complete it. It will be worth all the time and effort you have put into it. Good luck and happy sewing.

Jennifer Gwyn

I look forward to the splendid finish. Start with making the blocks for 5x6. If you feel the spirit, get the others done to make it 6x6. If not - get it together and enjoy the result!

Mary Kastner

Very pretty Nicole. I have to agree with everyone. It needs a finish.



I made a pineapple quilt several years ago, also red & cream, French General fabrics. I found the construction somewhat frustrating, the ruler imperfect, and would likely try the foundation paper if I did it again, but I do love that quilt. So my advice is to persevere and try to get it done.

Arrowhead Gramma

What's 12 more blocks at this point? LOL! Please finish this quilt as it is such a keeper and as always, love your fabrics. You can do this!!!!

Patty Fowl

It's beautiful Nicole...please finish it! Actually, a 60 inch square top is a nice size to hang or use as a throw. I am, personally, getting away from making many bed-sized quilts going forward so I prefer the smaller sizes to hang in my home. If you do make a few more blocks, use them as a throw pillow!!

Chris Horne

That is a spectacular quilt!! I hope you can finish it.


It’s gorgeous! Make it bigger! Finish it! It will be an heirloom! I am inspired to make one!

Penny Holliday

Your pineapple quilt is so beautiful ~ how can you not finish it asap?

lorraine bujnowski

Please finish this quilt. It is beautiful and you will feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Colleen Marcotte

This is beautiful. May I suggest a 4x6 setting - that would make it 48x72 - a good throw size with a bonus cushion :) You could even add a cream border with a red binding.

Beth F

You are a beautiful quilter! Any quilter understands how intricate these blocks are so I say good job getting this many done. Having said that, I've never been sorry to have made a quilt bigger but I have made many that I think ended up too small. And I love your book reviews!


It is beautiful! Press on and finish it - I would get it ready to be quilted and have it back in time for Christmas. Just lovely


I remember those blocks! I love that combo :) I say make as many as you have fabric for and call it done. Or if it's really too much, just make a cute baby quilt.

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