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October 23, 2020


Wendy Currie

We have had snow on the ground for the last week...somehow fall seems to have been overlooked by someone.
That squirrelly girl collection is way too Cute and I am proud of myself for not ordering it but sad at the same time ๐Ÿ˜Š I am committed though that in the future an autumn quilt will be on my to do list.
I have always enjoyed your blog Nicole and esp this year itโ€™s been nice to come back to. I am working on reviving mine as well.


Thank YOU for presenting interesting subjects for discussion. I always enjoy your blog & reading other quilters' take on things. Several mentioned Home Ec in middle or high school & I think it's been a mistake to cut that subject from the curriculum. Many of us learned so many basic sewing skills in that class! Have a great weekend & stay well!

Dianne R

I love these fabrics too, but I didn't buy any. I like log cabin blocks. Have you ever used the log cabin ruler to trim the blocks? My local quilt store didn't have the size ruler I wanted when I was there a few months ago. Lately I've been making masks and hemming pants for people, not much quilting getting done now that I'm back to work.

AnnieO in SoCalif

Paper piecing and I have to have a study session before each rewiring of my brain to think upside down and backwards to add fabric to the correct side and in the right order! I do have that add a quarter ruler--my sister bought it for me when we were having Violet Craft teach a paper piecing workshop. Sadly I haven't finished the Mt Hood design yet! Enjoy your stitching hours :)

Cheri Ucci

Super cute fabric. I love to paper piece! It is just enough of a challenge to keep me interested In sewing the same seam over and over. It keeps me engaged. And I love the challenge that I get with the more complicated paper piecing designs. It also tell me when to stop. After putting the same piece on backwards twice!


Back in the late 80โ€™s or early 90โ€™s, I found some fun small wall hanging and Christmas stocking patterns where the finished strip width was 1/2 inch. I started using 1/4 inch graph paper as the foundation. It worked great! This was before foundation papers were on the market.

Penny Holliday

Great tool! I have a similar little all wood roller that I previously used for wallpapering - especially rolling seams. Many years ago when I took a class to learn paper piecing it was suggested by the teacher. It does work great especially eliminating so much pressing with an iron!

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