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October 26, 2020



Your table runner turned out really cute. I think it needs a border, too. A light print border and a dark print binding would look finish it nicely.
I hope that the shutting down of electricity will prevent fires. Inconvenient for sure, but you're right - the alternative is much worse. Stay safe.

Debbie R.

Your table runner looks great. A border will make it even better!
Thanks for the tip about the roller presser. I recently attended (by Zoom) a workshop where it was also recommended. Have to get one of those!
Good luck as your power goes out. Stay safe!


The roller looks like a handy tool--thanks for sharing! That Squirrley Girl fabric is adorable! Getting the generator ready reminds me of living in Florida preparing for hurricanes. It's necessary, but not fun. Be safe & stay well.

Nancy L Buennemeyer

We are women of gizmos aren't we!l? The rollers are great. Convenience and efficiency! The table runner is really cute.

Karen N

The roller looks interesting. The table runner is cute. A light border would be perfect!! =:)

Mary Kastner

That roller looks great. I am making your chicken chili recipe in the crockpot for dinner tonight . Have a great day!


looks like a wallpaper seam roller.
if not, that might be an inexpensive substitute.


I am doing the Pineapple Paper blocks in 12" finished using both the roller and the add a quarter ruler. I never thought I would be happy with the roller vrs. ironing, but my blocks are turning out great! Your table topper is lovely. Stay safe. I'll bet you are so glad for the generator! PS Quite a while ago I asked you what breed Ozzie is. I am scheduled for pick up of a Wire Fox Terrier in less than 4 weeks! So excited!


I think I need a roller presser! Good thing you have a generator and I hope the power cut does keep the fires from flaring up around you.


I've used a roller for several years for paper-piecing. I love that tool.

I love that fabric line but I'm saving my pennies to buy the new Heather Ross fabric coming out in November....who can resist a surfer girl? ;p

Stay safe and thank goodness it is cooling down. Colorado got snow which is helping their fire-fighting. This has just been a rough year. :(

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