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October 28, 2020



Blocks looking great and am so like you....organized and like everything looking cute and in place! Like that we can just do different blocks if we don't like a certain one...makes me think I will like what I finish better. Loving your blocks...😊


The binder is definitely cute & a great way to keep the pattern pages together! I agree that a pattern is a suggestion--you can make it your own or leave it the same, as you choose! Stay well!

Mary Kastner

You are so organized Nicole. Your blocks look great


I've printed off the patterns, but I haven't made any blocks yet. I spent this summer putting all my patterns in protective pages in binders. One binder is for projects I want to do right away, and others I organized by size and purpose. I love all your current projects. I wish I had the time to sew.

Sandy Carlson

Love your blocks and color choices! I am always scared to use check/gingham fabric. If I don't cut it straight or if it isn't printed straight to the grain, it will drive me crazy in a block. After seeing yours, I may just have to go for it!

Alice R.

I wanted to do this, but doing a block of the month with my guild, printer is in hubby's home office where he's working all over the desk every day, and where does the time go?, but hoping I can at least still download everything.Thanks for the reminder!

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