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November 25, 2020


Robby H.

Love the picture and thought of your husband enjoying simply looking at his ornaments and deciding how to place them for maximum impact and enjoyment. Seems like a wonderful activity in this year of making do and worry. Does he adjust their placement for a few days after the initial installation? My mom used to move her favorites around some. When we were old enough to handle them ourselves and understand, she explained that it helped her enjoy them as much as possible in the short time they were on display.

Deb E

What a beautiful picture! Love seeing a guy who truly enjoys his ornaments & wants to show off his treasures in the best possible places on the tree.
That soup sounds divine! Happy Thanksgiving to you!


Thanks for the recipe. Butternut squash is hard to get into (I whack it on the back stoop) but it tastes so good! I think it would cook/soften just fine in the microwave, which is how I cook acorn squash.

Barbara Bennett

I once had the best butternut squash soup at a local restaurant that closed after a fire. I'd like to find a replacement. For a non-cook like me, what kind of broth? I know it's obvious to cooks but it's the kind of thing that bewilders me because I don't have a clue.


I would be tempted to crop & print the photo of your husband sorting & admiring his beautiful ornament collection. It's a nice moment in a crazy time in our world. The soup sounds delicious & if it's tried & true that's pretty much a guarantee! Is it chicken broth that you used? Happy Thanksgiving! Stay well!

Nancy Buennemeyer

Soup sounds fabulous!! I'm always in love with Panera's version and would like to make my own. I think that's enough info to concoct a batch. Thanks!! And happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


Fun with the Radkos! I don't know that we will ever be able to put ours out again. We recently moved, and in our old house,put our tree in a bedroom off the living room. We then replaced the door with a wooden screen door. Kept the cats out, tree safe, and we could see the tree from the living room.

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