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November 17, 2020



Love your block and wow...guess that makes sense to do on the diagonal as it fits! Love it and so cute. Can't help on the mold question and good luck with your experiment!

Robby H.

My best guess on your mold (no big science background but I've worked in food service)is that the answer is some of both because the hosts offer slightly different environments and origins. But since they're enclosed in plastic and fewer wild spores would have been introduced than if constantly exposed, likely to be the same or similar.

I like your barn block, it reminds me of a block called "Raspberry Kiss" that was all the rage a few years ago.

sue s

I'm a microbiologist. I can tell you that there will probably be several kinds of mold, with penicillium (blue and green), gray fluffy molds and some black molds as the most probable. If you don't move the plates that lessens the chance of spread, but the spores are readily airborne and there will be some spread from that. Take care and leave them in their bags.

Mary Kastner

Your block looks great! No clue on the mold .


My husband is a biologist & I was going to share what he said--no need because I see that a previous commenter gave you the information about the mold. But, please keep us posted on Eva's experiment as it progresses! I do like that little barn block & I could see a quilt made from those. Stay well!

Dona Zarosinski

Is your mold experiment in a cool room? Move it somewhere warmer and I bet your mold will LOVE it! Thank you for all your fun projects. You bring a smile to my face every morning...and coffee!


I know. Christmas will be here b4 we know it. :(

The barn block is really lovely.

Mary E. Lines

I remember many years ago in Bluebirds or Campfire Girls our troop leader put jello in small dishes, let it set, and then we each touched something (our face, the bottom of our shoe, our hair) and then touched the surface of the jello. She put the dishes in a warm dark place (it was the top of her water heater) and we waited. We got the most interesting molds growing. I'll never forget it.

Carol D Duffy

I am the former homeschooler and NONE of our science experiments ever worked out! If you continue on, I have a ton of lab equipment in my guest room closet-- heehee!


I have a question for you. What sort of sewing table or desk do you use for sewing. I need something more comfortable. So many types and so many prices to choose from. Are the more expensive tables worth the extra money? Also, some look very utilitarian. Does pretty count?

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