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November 19, 2020



Sorry to hear about your woes and some days are just so frustrating! Bet you are glad it is over and now on to the good is behind you so let it go and think about all the fun things for today....;)))

sue s

Here's hoping today is better. I hate those glass collisions! We have a new counter which hangs over more than the old one; I am busy chipping our dishes as they go into the dishwasher.

T Holzer

I bet you will rock today!!!


When my girls were younger and I'd made a sewing mistake I would ask them to rip it out. Once I asked my daughter to rip out an entire quilt top! It's much less painful to give them a few dollars or special treat than to spend time ripping. Maybe Eva could be persuaded to do that so you won't waste your background. Good luck and here's to a better day today!


There are days like that! You could rip the block apart to get to those half square triangles and cut them down to the correct size. It is a great block!

Mary Kastner

Cheers to a much better day Nicole!


Those terrible, horrible, no-good very bad days really do seem worse with everything else going on in the world this year! Chalk it up to 2020 & have a much better day today! Stay well!

Karen Seemuth

So sorry you a day like that.

Passwords-they are so time consuming. Did you ever have to change an AppleID? It takes a very long time.

Debbie R.

Here's hoping for a much better day today! As for that block, it's a beauty. Can you take it apart, trim down the HSTs and reassemble it -- when you feel like you can face it, of course?


What a bummer! If it's any consolation, I've had days like that. We've all had days like that.....A friend posted the recipe her mother had sent her -- the directions specifically said, "1 T baking powder (in the can) and 1/2 t baking soda (the yellow box that goes in the fridge)." I commented on it and my friends said she always confused baking powder and baking soda. Your quilt block does look tricky but it will be a nice addition to the orphan blocks box!

Stephani in N. TX

All those uglies in one day, probably means you'll be free of them for a while. What happens when you add corn starch to a recipe instead of baking powder? Oh, well, it's gone and over with. Other than no bare feet in the kitchen for a while, you're simply left with a quilt block that won't pass muster. Onward and upward. Hugs.


Man, that is a lousy day. :( I hope today is better. I can't wait for 2020 to be over.

Taria Wilson

Ugh. I'm sorry for all the bad stuff there. The plumber is here trying to track down a slab leak. I am not happy. Oh, and he doesn't actually have time to fix it until Monday once he finds it.

Melody Schmitz

I had a 2 wine glass crash yesterday too as I was unloading my dishwasher. Absolutely shattered, but most went inside the dishwasher. If you don't mind ripping most of those squares could be salvaged with trimming. Better than making them too small. Hopefully things improve for you today. Looking for the positives :)


:) losing a wine glass and highball glass in 2020 when they are sooooo needed! yikes! I might think about putting the block on the back before I would rip it apart...and start looking around for more of the never know who might have a piece for sale. Even if it is older.


I was keeping you company on quilt block woes. I'm slowly making the Grandmother's Choice quilt (Barbara Brackman) and since I'm having fits trying to print out correctly, decided to draft by hand. I merrily drafted one block on paper, got it sewn together and it even laid flat. Went to trim to size and !??!?!? Tore it apart, and re-sewed, it's worse - still wrong size and rumpled badly. Finally it dawned on me - the blocks are 8" finished, I drafted it to finish 8 1/2". CrapCrapCrap - I forgot to take of the seam allowance from the paper size before drafting :-( The properly drafted version is much better!

Bummer on the glass. Besides vacuuming, I run a damp paper towel over the floor. It's amazing how far and where glass bits can go.


Have you tried the square in a square method for those pineapple blocks? There is still a learning curve and you do waste some fabric but I think it's easier for some stuff?

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