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November 24, 2020



I am just loving your quilt! Pie day is my favorite day of any week. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope Ozzie gets a bite of turkey.


White Christmas and Charlie Brown are must see holiday movies at our house. And, The Santa Clause is kind of silly, but sweet. The Steve Martin version of Father of the Bride takes place at Christmastime and is also sweet.

sue s

There are some old Bing Crosby movies that are good: Holiday Inn and White Christmas. They are full of songs and dancing.
Your pineapple will be perfect for Christmas!

T Black

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year with Henry Winkler
Christmas Romance with Olivia Newton John
Two of my favorites that I watch every year!

Stephani in N. TX

Happy Thanksgiving Nicole. Your blog is one I am always thankful for. Your quilts inspire me and your red pineapple does not disappoint. Lovely!


A quilter can definitely appreciate all the work that you've put into your pineapple quilt. It will be stunning when it's on your bed next Christmas season!
If you're looking for a more modern Christmas romance movie you might enjoy "The Holiday" or "Love Actually". Those are 2 of my favorites.


Your pineapple quilt is looking good! We're doing our traditional Thanksgiving meal too and just figure we will eat leftovers for days after.

Lisa D.

Your pineapple quilt is just breathtaking! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Mary Kastner

The red pineapple quilt turned out so,pretty. What a lot of work! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Nicole.


Your pineapple quilt is going to be gorgeous on your bed! Having the blocks consistently be 12 ½" is very encouraging! I love to watch Cameron Diaz & Kate Winslet's 'The Holiday' all year round despite it being a Christmas romantic comedy. 'White Christmas' is a wonderful old musical that is a favorite in our house. 'A Christmas Story' never disappoints. Happy sewing, cooking, baking & enjoying movies this week! Stay well!


Your pineapple quilt is just beautiful. I always like to watch Scrooged with Bill Murray.

Rebecca Ball

A grandpa for Christmas was good as well as the one with Henry winkler mintioned above. There is one with Letters in the title with Ed Asner as one of the characters that is good, I watch it every year, and of course, Love Actually.

Love the pineapples. I, too, found that they are not as acurate as I usually show. I took a course from Ger?? Fitzgerald and her attitude was to just let it flow, she didn't even have us press. I didn't like the result. Her ruler is okay as well.

marie Woodhouse

Nicole your Red Pineapple quilt is Awesome! It is a lot of work, but very worth while when you see it completed. Pure Beauty! One more UFO completed on the list of "needs finishing"
Enjoy the Thanksgiving Feast and Day with family!

Ramona M Chester

Besides the old classics like Christmas in Connecticut (which I watch every single year), and the Bishops Wife, I like the Mistletones, but it is a bit hard to locate. Loving your Red Pineapple, but you comment makes me think when I am ready to tackle this, I will choose to use the pre-printed papers. Happy Holidays. I agree with others about The Holiday and Love Actually too.

Debbie R.

I remember that Red Pineapple. Loved it when you started it. Still love it. It's going to be gorgeous. (and heavy) And you're getting pretty close to having all the blocks you need. Can't wait to see this one finished!

All time best holiday movie ever, in my opinion, and as others have noted, is Love Actually.

Kerry Linklater

So glad you are finishing your pineapple quilt! It is lovely! I am inspired to make one! Try the Christmas specials of The Great British Baking Show! It’s not a movie but will definitely put you in the mood!


The red pineapple us gorgeous! And so festive - what a beautiful heirloom you are making. Press in it is worth it! E not your days of cooking and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Enjoy the leftovers 🦃


Can I come over for pie day? I promise to wear a mask. ;p

I have 2 favorite xmas movies. 1) The Holiday with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. 2) Family Man with Tea Leoni and Nicholas Cage.

In the 'classics' have you seen The Shop Around The Corner with Jimmy Stewart? I rented that on Amazon last year. It was absolutely charming.


We love Miracle in the Wilderness with Kris Kristofferson and Kim Cattrall. Happy Thanksgiving!


That is going to be a gorgeous quilt! I love the Family Stone and plan to watch it this weekend. Your readers are making great recommendations, I will have to try some of them! Happy Thanksgiving, we love the leftovers too!


A friend recommended Operation Christmas Drop on Netflix. She said her husband even liked it and she would watch it again.

Karen Likens

Have you seen The Queen's Gambit on Netflix? It's a really good mini series with chess as a principal player.

Chris Floraday

The Christmas Chronicle on Netflix. And there’s part two coming out today! With Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn.
Love the quilt! I have a box of French General red and white scraps that will someday become a pineapple quilt...


I've been watching Lifetime's Christmas moves; I prefer them to Hallmark's. I don't care for their movies throughout the year except for Christmas.


This will be spectacular on your bed next Christmas, and all throughout the year! Keep at it.

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