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November 23, 2020


Lynn Humphreys

I am Canadian, we have all our outside decorations done and our inside tree up with the lights on, similar to yours, for about two weeks! Not sure who will see it but it looks bright and festive. Striving for some normalcy to our lives.


Yes, the deco's are up and tree is done! Very early this year but have to say that each morning I turn on the tree and sit for just a couple of minutes and just enjoy the peace of it all before the news goes on and read the paper... so, do enjoy the whole peace of our decorations!

Jane Eilderts

Yes-decorations are all up in my home! I did one tub a day everyday last week. Today I still need to put the decorations on my tree. I may eliminate the sunroom tree this year. I needed extra joy, just like others. Our weather in Iowa has been wonderful for this time of year so I took advantage of that and have my outside things up too. I spy Folktale!! I pre-ordered a layer cake so a, waiting for mine. Any plans for what you are msk8ng from your layer cake? I love that collection. Enjoy your holiday week and find JOY!

Mary Kastner

Nope haven't done a thing. I need to get a wish list going. I have some ideas and that is about as far as it goes. I think it all looks great!


Both blocks are interesting, but your version would be my choice unless the entire quilt was going to be asymmetrical. It looks like you're on your way to being ready for Christmas! 🎄 We have a real tree in a bucket of water in the garage but haven't done any holiday decorating in the house yet. Have a great week! Stay well!


No, we always put up our tree on Christmas Eve through 12th Night.

I love the block the way you made it. Symmetry!


that tree is gorgeous! folks have started putting up decorations in our neighborhood and it makes me happy.

we get a live tree and put it up right after thanksgiving so we are on normal schedule. i did pull out the giant stack of xmas cds early and that has lifted my spirits.

how is your dad doing?


Your tree, although devoid of decorations at this point, is indeed beautiful. We'll probably do ours this weekend. I'm reminded of your new mantle garland story from last year!

Your blocks and your experiment with pastie-making all look wonderful, too!

Annie Ol

Pretty block! We have a few early decorators in the neighborhood, but Fall is my favorite season to decorate for so we will wait until December 1 to put lights up. We get a fresh cut tree generally the second week of December and leave it up through New Year’s Day. It’s going to be a strange holiday season.

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