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November 11, 2020



I love a good cookbook! And who doesn't love a meatloaf sandwich!


I am enjoying the friday morning fat quarter shop too. I cant believe how fast Kimberly can accurately sew.
As for cooking, I recently found The Stay at Home Chef. I really like the very plain but delicious recipes that are common in the Midwest.
New blanket of snow last night.

T Holzer

Your blocks are looking great, Nicole! Pure perfection IMHO!! I have those cookbooks in my Amazon I need any more cookbooks. lol. Take care.


There are times when I think my husband is running that mold experiment in our refrigerator, the things I find at the back!


I like the colors you're putting together for the FQS project! The mold science experiment sounds like a great learning experience for Eva. I'm going to check those cookbooks out today--as another commenter said, like I need anymore cookbooks! Stay well!

sue s

I really like your Sewcialite colors! My daughter did a mold experiment for Science Fair and we discovered that one very popular brand of bread made by PF never molded!

Debbie R.

Your Sewcialite blocks are looking good!
Mold experiments sound like fun! And the results should be eewww and interesting.
I love meatloaf. And sandwiches from the leftovers are great. Think maybe we should have meatloaf for supper.


HOW WERE THE COOKIES??!!! You can't leave us hanging like that! I really have been cooking up a storm....stress cooking, I guess. I've also been trying new recipes.

I love the colors you've chosen for the sewcialite quilt. I really don't like reproduction fabrics until I see someone making blocks with them...and then I fall in love. ;p

Darlynn Venne

Another great experiment is swabbing high touch areas around the house. Door knobs, counters, remotes, toilet flushers.... put the swabs on a petri dish, house in a warm area and watch the microbes grow. Kind of disgusting, but fascinating

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