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November 10, 2020



Fall is such a tease. Glorious, but hiding what is just around the corner. Always my favorite season.

Robby H.

Clearly, your tree's motto is "Go big, or go home!" And so you get one spectacular week. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Stephani in N. TX

Thanks for sharing the show, lovely. My new-to-me house is located in an area of older trees. Not so much leaf show as a continuous shower of leaves. The grounds maintenance people will be on-board probably another month, not so much to mow and trim, but to clear up the leaves. In the house I left, in a new subdivision, I had one oak tree in front, one in back. They were good sized when I left and had a period of beautiful leaf show. But there were virtually no leaves to accumulate and blow anywhere. I actually missed leaves and birds. My present home has a continuous parade of walkers, golf carts, cars of course, and repair trucks that go by. Kind of a fun switch, not having everyone drive off to work in the morning and return at suppertime.

sue s

Yes, the show is almost done here in Michigan too. But it was glorious!

Debbie R.

So important enjoy things in the moment! That show of red was glorious!


Looking at your beautiful tree (assuming its a maple but I couldn't be sure), made me homesick for Salem, Oregon. We had the most beautiful maple trees in our yard, glorious fall color & a solid 2+ months of leaf raking. I didn't mind it so much as I enjoyed the shade & fall color every year so much. I have a chinese pistache (full grown) in our backyard, and am enjoying the fall color, but have made up my mind that we need a maple in our backyard, too. Have planted a huge shade garden of azaleas, hostas & ferns - our little bit of Oregon here in Northern California.


What a beautiful red display! It was telling you to enjoy it while you can because it's finished showing off in just a few more days! Our color changes in Wyoming are mainly golden from aspen trees. They're just about finished & our notorious wind sends them flying when they're on the ground! 🍂🍂🍂🍂


makes pretty ground cover? ;p

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