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November 20, 2020


Pam Thorne

Those look yummy! Would you mind sharing your tried and true pie recipe?

Stephani in N. TX

Wham bam, you have recovered your usual creative self. All is well in block heaven, and the pasties sound yummy.s

Sharon Bollenbach

I always use my regular pie crust for pasties, and skip the rutabaga. Delish!


Love the reconstructed block - you bounced back marvelously - good for you! I was just looking at pasty recipes yesterday - so your post was well timed. I echo the above comment - please share your pie crust recipe 🙂


Beautiful blocks! The little red one is so cheery.

sue s

Nice recovery on the block! I know there are Finnish pasties too as that is my heritage, but they use ground beef.

T Holzer

I'd love to try these, Nicole. You don't have rutabagas down there or you don't like them? Enquiring minds need to know!

Mary Kastner

The pasties look so good but a lot of work. Your blocks look great! Have a wonderful weekend. be safe and well!

Debbie R.

Your "revised" block looks great! a
And the pasties look delicious.

Dona Zarosinski

So glad you had a better day!


That lovely blue block is inspiring me to dig out a few hoarded French General blue prints.
My Scottish grandmother made pasties, but her version had a dollop of jam in one corner for a desert bite. She claimed it was a true miners lunch.


Your re-do of the block is stunning! And the red one turned out well, too! We've never had pasties, but they look like something new to try! Stay well!

Anita Monery

We love pasties. My husband is English, so we have been missing our annual trip to England to visit that side of the family. We always have a list of food to eat while there. Pasties are one of those foods. Would you mind sharing the recipe?
Happy thanksgiving.


that looks delicious! so glad you were able to straighten out your block. I hate when things don't turn out either in the kitchen or the sewing room.

have a lovely weekend!


My memory of pasties in St. Ives was that they offered many different variations. Yours look delicious.


Pasties, I love them! I went through a phase some time ago when I was making them regularly, then got out of the habit. But they sound perfect for winter, I will have to try again. Your pasties look delicious!

Mary Jo

I love pasties which are popular in the Michigan upper peninsula. Yours looks really good but I would definitely miss the rutabaga.


I second the recipe request. We love pasties from the UP of Michigan whenever we venture there. The red block turned out very pretty... worth the effort! Walking away was a good decision. Frustration usually worsens my results if I keep at it.

Dondi M

I love how real you sound! This, as I try to make myself go back to my sewing room to see why my thread keeps breaking while I needle, great thread, etc. So, hats off to you!


Your block rescue was a smart fix--glad you didn't have to start all over. I sometimes remember to check "errata" sections on sites when instructions are poor.
Love those pasties, they look yum!


great job on the remake. Some days I can't line up a 4 patch, so I feel your pain. Those Pasties look delish! BTW, thanks for blogging about the wooden pressing tool(the name escapes me as I type this) but I found one at a yard sale, just a few $$ and I love it!

Bridget Heffron

The pasties look delish!! I have contemplated making a 6 hour round trip to the tip of Michigan's UP to buy pasties for the freezer. Still might if you don't share your recipe (hint hint). I thought your red and blue block was beautiful until I saw the all blue. Much better. Meant to be.

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