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November 16, 2020



The points on your blocks are so perfect! I bet you love having molding plates nearby, Happy Monday!

Robby H.

Warmth expedites the molding process. So you may find the plate in the dark closet is slower to mold. The more revealing thing to watch will be how fast the mold grows and spreads once you can see it. Also, eeeuuuww.

Darlynn Venne

Love science and experiments. Looking forward to the results!

sue s

I decided not to do the Sewcialites mostly based on the layout. Duh! I certainly can make my own! So maybe I'll jump in.I really like your fabric choices for both QALs.


Sure. Where's the mold when you want it?? Any other time it'd be all over those plates! You've had plenty to keep busy & still got sewing accomplished. I hope you squeezed a little time to read for pleasure into your days! Stay well!

Julie in WA

My husband has often told the story of growing mold in elementary school. Every student brought a slice of bread from home; my mother-in-law made all her own bread as opposed to the Wonder Bread purchased in the store. Guess whose bread grew marvelous mold while other students never saw a single spore!!!


Kitchen counter as Petri dish! So many sew-alongs to keep up with -- just don't mix up blocks from one with another.

Mary Kastner

Your blocks look perfect. Such crazy times. Hope your mold experience starts producing!


I'm glad to see your comment about the amount of preservatives. I saw a story about how kids at school had used white bread to test how many germs were on unwashed hands, sanitized hands, washed hands, and then on computer surfaces. I was horrified that after a month the control piece of bread didn't have any mould on it.

I love the colours and the neatness of that first block.


You don't have enough demands on your time so you took a part-time job? ;p

The blocks are really lovely. I love the 4 inch one just because it is tiny. Wouldn't that make a beautiful quilt? It would take a long time to make all those tiny blocks but it would be beautiful.

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