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December 03, 2020



I've made festive masks for some loved ones, too. Hoping they're well received. I've been using the Craft Passion pattern which fits us really well, but when I needed to make a bunch of masks the cutting seemed the slowest part. I got the template copied onto cardstock, then the copy clerk suggested laminating them. Wow! That has made the process much faster, just thought I'd share in case anyone else doesn't have or can't get a professional template of the design they like.


My favorite and most comfortable mask is called 3D Japanese Mask and if you google it, you will find the free pattern in 5 sizes. It also comes with a video to make construction very easy. It's by far the most comfortable of the six mask patterns I have tried and it's one that I'm not tugging on to stay in place.

Kerry L.

Eva is so cute!!! Glad her grandmother made her a mask. Did you get the soup recipe?


I, too, have been making masks for family & friends. My philosophy is 'If they'll wear them, I'll make them!' I try to use seasonally themed fabrics which are at least fun. A quilt shop a couple of hours from here has 1/6" soft elastic in multiple colors which also helps when they have to be worn for longer periods. (Thankfully, they ship quickly!) Our local optometrist deconstructed a medical mask to use as a pattern & figured out how to make masks! He was talking about realizing how important good sewing scissors are & I suggested that he try a rotary cutter & mat! I'm guessing he does just that! Stay well!

Mary Kastner

Holiday masks are in production here as well. I found a panel of Christmas masks and made everyone of them. They are cute and hopefully make the receivers feel a little festive. Trying to get in holiday mood one way or another. Have a great day and stay well!


Eva looks adorable in her mask. Man, young people are going to have some wild stories to tell their kids one day. We are living through crazy times.

Anna Schneehagen

Love the sneak-peak into your quilt book shelf!


Masks have come a long way since the start of this pandemic. I was cranking out the pleated rectangle masks as fast as I could. Now there are so many classy ones; I love the ones you made.


What a cute mask and outfit! What size elastic do you prefer?

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