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December 10, 2020



Yes, I have taken my unspent gas money (because I am not commuting this year) and put it towards some quilting books and fabric for my reward. Because I am saving a LOT of gas money I will find more little delights as winter gets here. LOL I have rewarded the family too, nice box of expensive handmade chocolates from the local candy shop.

sue s

I've allowed myself to buy some fabric collections this year as a treat. The bonus for that is wonderful leftovers to add to my stash!


I was thrilled that the chocolatier from the small(er) town 30 miles to our south has a pop-up shop here this week! He makes truffles & bark & all sort of delights. But my favorites are his chocolate covered Oreos & Nutter Butters! Needless to say, I was in line for my treats on Tuesday! Stay well!

Mary Kastner

We got out of town last weekend. Went to Bodega Bay and rented a big house. Took everything we could possibly need and then some so we didn't have to go anywhere. The grandgirls got a break from online school and everyone had a new attitude after a couple of days of ocean air. IT really was a perfect break from all this chaos. I feel very blessed we were able to do it.


I shop the clothing sales for my daughters' gifts, and they've been so good this year that I've picked up things for myself that were really cute. And why not?!


Eating lots of chocolate cake with zero guilt. Sorry you missed your tea calendar. I miss my licorice flavored soft caramel from Whole Foods. Oh, well. next year!

Debbie R.



My gift to myself is a jewelry armour. I have admired them for years and finally decided it is now or never,

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