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December 09, 2020



Block is very nice and gonna be a great quilt! Who doesn't love Ina's recipes and every one comes out great. Yummy looking quiche and great pie! I have a book or two of hers and love them....


I have a small quilt of red/green in the pineapple pattern. My wish is to have a bed-size red/white pineapple. I may just live my dream through you; yours is beautiful.


Eye candy to make me hungry and also to feed my creative soul. You checked all the boxes this morning. I can't wait to see that pineapple quilt all together, it is going to be amazing.


Yep. The COVID brain is real. I don't know where my short term memory went. At least I remember to check your blog Monday thru Friday! That's the important thing.

sue s

I'm really looking forward to seeing this quilt done! I've been experimenting with pie crusts the last few years as I use Crisco and it's just not the same anymore. My current favorite is in the King Arthur's cookbook.


I stopped by to check your blog yesterday & just thought you were busy & taking a day off from writing! I knew you'd be back soon! Pineapple, apples, crusts, your 'foodie' theme today! And, I know I have a bad case of COVID brain, as Pam O commented. My short-term memory is shot! 🙃


Beautiful colors on your pineapple blocks! Question: the diagonal line you drew in the center block doesn’t seem to line up with anything. Do they line up when you turn the ruler for the next cut?
Also, do you trim from the back of the block? I’ve made this before and always trim from the front side. Interesting!

Mary Kastner

You are keeping busy! Love the pineapple blocks. Be well and be safe!

Susan Werner

Your block is beautiful! Will it be all French General fabrics? I’ve never been able it make a good crust, would you share your tried and true recipe?

Dona Zarosinski

Don’t you just hate a soggy bottom?! I am following along with your sister as she bakes too!

Jean Thut

How long do you pre-bake the piecrust? That is such good advice. I can’t wait to see your quilt, it’s going to be beautiful.


yum! yep, 2020 has just been awful. I'm so bummed about Xmas. We've been trying to watch lots of Xmas movies to keep our spirits up. I have been cooking a lot but uninspired to bake. oh, well. next year.

stay safe! at least you get to celebrate Xmas with Eva.


That is going to be one gorgeous Christmas quilt! Your dishes look delicious too! I always want to make whatever you're making or cooking :)


Where do you purchase the pineapple ruler?


Your red pineapple blocks are beautiful!

I've recently found a baker named Erin Jeanne McDowell, she has 2 cookbooks out, and she is an absolute delight to watch on her videos! She talks about "no soggy bottom pies on MY watch!" and is a huge advocate for par-baking.

Juls E

I had one if those Possibilities rulers years ago. By chance, it ended up next to another ruler. It was at that point I discovered the painted markings were off. At 12”, it actually measured 11 3/4”. I checked it against 3 other rulers, because I just couldn’t believe it. I threw it away :(.

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