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December 04, 2020



Shopping for Christmas has sure been a challenge this year. I have five little grandchildren, and I can't even be with them to see what they play with or like. I've pretty much decided to give my DILs gift cards. They can get what they like and I'm not in too much of a dilemma.


I've done a little shopping but most of what we give this year will be gift cards. Our small town is really going all out for shopping local & I want to buy a few things to include with the gift cards, too. It's definitely more of a challenge this year! Have a nice weekend! Stay well!


I agree, Christmas shopping is more difficult in our present circumstances, also, not as much fun. I am agonizing over a couple of people, with no in-store inspiration. I bet I know who is getting an American Girl doll!


Beautiful sunset! Shopping is easy for me: amaryllis bulbs for neighbors and friends. A ham sent to my husband's daughter and her family. A meat-and-cheese sampler sent to my sister and her husband. I haven't gotten anything for my husband yet, but will probably order a couple of books.


Love your substitute blocks! I hear you on's going to be hard especially as I procrastinate and you can't do that when shopping online. I feel they prefer gift cards anyways but think it's so impersonal. Time to start thinking.

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