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December 22, 2020


Bonnie Anderson

I just heard about "hot cocoa bombs" yesterday -- google it. It might be a project for you and your granddaughter! Happy holidays to you and yours. Here's to a brighter new year for us all.
Bonnie in Minneapolis


That’s a great fabric bundle- I’ll have to look for that one. UPS needs to screen their delivery men better. We had 2 huge boxes delivered in the pouring rain. The guy dumped them at the side door in the open rather than putting them on the 30’ foot covered porch that he had to drive past. Fortunately, there were tractor tires in the boxes which fell apart in the downpour. My newspaper man is equally uncaring. He puts the paper in a plastic sleeve and throws it out his window instead of using the paper box. One time it was 20’ foot into the woods. I hope he’s not expecting a generous tip.
Merry Christmas,thanks for sharing!

Nancy L Buennemeyer

I've been enjoying all the posts lately and I have to say how refreshing it is to read that someone as experienced as you struggles with some seams meeting up!! The quilt is so gorgeous. And the fabric bundle is lovely. I have never done a red/white/blue quilt. We are career AF but aren't hyper patriotic. But my interest is rising if I could find a pattern I really like.

I really feel terrible for the UPS and USPS employees. Everyone shopping online with the pandemic and election mail. I struggled with whether or not to send Christmas cards this year and decided a spring letter might be better. I have had a package that left Indianapolis and then disappeared. Plus another special treat of macarons that took ten days, sitting in a town 2 hrs away for four days. Even with refrigeration upon arrival stickers all over it. The company told me not to consume them and gave me store credit. I felt bad for them because honestly it's no one's mistake but a fault of the times we're in.

sue s

I have a package that was shipped Nov 27 and tracking on it stopped Dec 9- I also believe it is stuck in a mail center, about 30 mins from here. There were pix in the paper of the inside of the facility and what a mess! At least the package is only fabric and quilting gloves and not somebody's gift! Your pineapples do look beautiful.


Same mail problems here; I have two packages coming that have passed the three week mark. The package I sent my mom sat in the Detroit sorting center for a full week according to the tracking data but she got it yesterday.

I like that fabric bundle, as well as the idea of an all red+white+blue porch.


You're making good progress on assembling the pineapple blocks! That's going to be a gorgeous quilt & worth your time & effort! Postal & other shipping services are slowing down & that's become a fact of life in our area, too. In my opinion, there aren't enough employees for the increased load brought on by the pandemic & people ordering online. We're going to get through it & it's nice to read that you have plans for decorating your porch next summer! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Grace Thorne

yes i am having package delivery issues as well...not life shattering tho....and great bundle of fabric? i am heading to my stash to put one together...


maybe ups was delivering to the elf who lives in the crawl space? ;p

I love the new fabric bundle and I vote yes to decorating my/your porch for the 4th!


Shipping is really bad this year and wow the trash can door....! Love your bundle of fabrics and sounds like a great 4th project. Happy Holidays 🎄

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