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January 25, 2021


Kerry L.

Well Nicole I think you are pretty close to my twin! I have really enjoyed your book recommendations over the past 2 years. I don’t know if I have mentioned this title to you already but I loved New of the World by Paulette Jiles. Hope your dad is on the mend!

Nancy L Buennemeyer

I have yet to find a Book Twin, but come relatively close. My college roommate (of 47 yrs ago!) and I read things together and have a good long distance call on Saturdays to discuss. I love Love LOVE Goodreads and have been on there for 12 years this month. I'm not however as prolific a reader as you. I rarely recommend books because people's tastes are SO different. When I'm choosing, I look at other people's reviews and their general taste in genre's - which is even more of an indicator.

Nancy L Buennemeyer

PS - we do like the Louise Penny books but joking call him Inspector "Fudge."

Joan S

I always think of you as my book twin, Nicole. I almost always enjoy your book recommendations and look forward to your book reviews.


My BFF and I have always lived in different towns (we met while mutually commuting to work at the same place). Freakishly we regularly find we've purchased/read the same books, cookbooks, etc. We've joked that if we would both become widowed, we should buy houses next door to each other so we can purge half our books and just trade things back and forth.


I hope your dad had a good weekend! Those are all useful ideas for finding like-minded readers. I often check the recommendations in magazines & newspapers (online) in addition to asking what my sister is reading. I'm all over the board with no specific genre, although 'chick books' would probably be a good start! Stay well!

sue s

My SIL had recommended Louise Penney for years but I'm not a fan of her other choices. However, now that I AM reading Penney I'm hooked! Saw her in person shortly after her husband died and it was very moving. I'm not your twin, but I do check out your choices and some look interesting!


I always love your bookish posts, Nicole. You introduced me to several great reads, and I did go on quite a Meisner tangent awhile back. I have a couple of book twins, and they are wonderful. One learns very quickly who offers up the really good recommendations. Interestingly, I just wrote a post about my 2020 reading yesterday. Now I have more titles to investigate.

Jennifer in Indy

I love your book posts and recommendations and usually agree with your highest rated recommendations, like many others have commented - thank you for always sharing!


Lol that reminds me of a Pinterest Twin! I think I just love pretty much everything you recommend. I really enjoy your reviews and always jot downs the ones that get high marks, so far I have not been disappointed. I do tend to forget though, so I like the Goodreads option. Thanks again for another great tip!

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